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Embarcadero DBArtisan, the leading cross-platform database administration tool, helps DBAs maximize availability, performance and security. DBArtisan's comprehensive graphical editors and wizards boosts productivity, streamline routine tasks and reduce errors so DBAs can manage larger, more complex databases. DBArtisan supports all major database platforms allowing organizations to standardize on one solution. * DBArtisan - provides standard cross-platform database administration facilities * DBArtisan Professional - includes the Embarcadero SQL Debugger and SQL Profiler for optimizing and troubleshooting SQL code. * DBArtisan Workbench - is the ultimate database administration solution, includes the Embarcadero Analyst components for advanced capacity planning, storage and performance management.DBArtisan offers: * Highly automated cross-platform solution * Schema management * Security management * Data management * Proactive diagnostic and management tools * Powerful back-up and recoveryLearn more about how the award winning DBArtisan has been deployed to maximize database availability, performance, and security in our customer success stories and testimonials.If you need to run data compare and synchronization jobs, migrate schemas or set database configuration standards, learn more about the new Embarcadero Change Manager 4.0. To isolate and correct faulty database logic that could lead to expensive application downtime, take a look at Embarcadero SQL Debugger. Embarcadero SQL Profiler can help you identify, isolate, and correct coding mishaps that could lead to costly performance problems.Features / BenefitsHighly Automated Cross-Platform Solution * Utilities and wizards for all common and repetitive administration tasks * Support for IBM">® DB2® for Open Systems, z/OS® and OS/390, Microsoft® SQL Server, MySQL®, Oracle® and Sybase®Schema Management * Platform- and version-specific graphical object editors and wizards for creating and editing a variety of database objectsSecurity Management * Comprehensive facilities for managing users within and across databasesData Management * Power visual tools for creating and editing complex SQL statements, including insert statements, and server-side objects * ISQL facility for creating, saving and executing SQL statements against your databaseProactive Diagnostic and Management Tools * Embarcadero Space Analyst: storage/object diagnostic tool combined with powerful reorg job wizard * Embarcadero Capacity Analyst: storage and object growth tracking facility for pro-active planning and problem prevention * Embarcadero Performance Analyst: client side visual database monitor that pinpoints problems that threaten availabilityPowerful Back-up and Recovery * Engine for back-up and recovery that significantly reduces storage requirements (SQL-Server) and speed-up the task

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