Customer Management for HanDBase v.1.0


This is a first pass at a Contact/Time/Expense and Problem management database. I think it pretty much works, but use it at your own risk. Email me if you see any problems. The way it works is simple, you have a main database call Customers where you can enter general information (phone, e-mail etc.) about you customer set. From this database there are 3 linked databases, Time management, for tracking how much time you spend working with a customer whether this is on site or not. When you create a new entry it starts to track the time but you must manually set the end time. Also it only works on a daily basis so you must create a new record for each day worked. Expense management, for tracking expenses related to this customer and whether they should be billed to the customer. You can also enter these expenses in the local currency and then use the Exchange Rates database to translate it back to your local currency. This database also calculates VAT. And finally mileage allowances, which is a little "hockey" as I use an entry in the Exchange Rates database call mileage to do this. Therefore the way I work out mileage rates is odd. I take the rate say 10.4 per mile and to make it work, divide 1 by it. So to get the mileage rate you would divide 1 by 10.4 giving 9.6154. Problem management, for tracking problems your working on for the customer, date opened, updated and closed with room for a problem number, short description and details Then I have added a MS Access database that takes the CSV produced from HDDOS32.EXE and creates an Expense, Time Worked and Problems report. Or you can do this through the usual method in HandBase Ive supplied some example data. System requirements: - HanDBase v.2.7x or greater

This is a first pass at a Contact/Time/Expense ...

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  • Customer Management for HanDBase
  • 1.0
  • Alastair Hillis-Wragg
  • Windows Mobile PocketPC, PalmOS, Symbian, Window
  • Freeware
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