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Features- Standard technologies, web-based, lightweight, feature-rich, robust, fast, reliable, and exceptional usability- Cross platforms, one code base written in JavaO and J2EEO, truely run anywhere and everywhere- Cross database systems, standard SQL 92, scalable, and modular database schema- No client software, no firewall issues, and accessible from anywhere on the internet through HTTP, HTTPS, or SMTP- More than just bug tracking, works equally well for use case, test case management, or as a help desk customer support system- Support both web interface and email interface (particularly for customer support), for internal and external users- Support custom fields of data types including datetime, number, URL, and cross-project link ID. Fields can be added or removed anytime.- Flexible workflow to fit your unique process, completely configurable and customizable per project.- Customizable page layout, your own company logo, and look and feel- Works in any languages (UTF-8) including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.- Support multiple projects, configurable access control, and self registration- Configurable advanced group and field level access control model (security)- Configurable automatic and manual bug-assignment- File attachment (can attach multiple files and any kinds of files at once)- Support direct screen capture for attachment (available as add-on)- Email notification and cc mail (per project, template based)- Configurable email notification triggers or listeners (per project, per user)- CVS and Perforce source version control integration through email- Metrics reports, advanced search, and re-usable stored queries- Calendar for date selection- Complete audit trail and change history- Quick sorting and CSV file export supporting Asian languages in Unicode- Public projects and self registration for open source projects- Support LDAP/Active Directory user authentication (available as add-on)- Custom email reminder and escalation (available as add-on)- Easy install (server side only) and minimal maintenance needed- Easy backup and recovery in case of hardware or software crash- Easy to use web-based system administration (no learning curve)- Exceptional remote trouble shooting and debugging capabilities- And features that customer really want... Issue tracking softwareBug Tracking Why Bugzero?Any serious software project of two or more people is going to need a real bug tracking database. The question is, among so many bug tracking programs you can buy or even use for free, why choose Bugzero? If the above feature list still hasn't convinced you, here is more:Freeware open-source bug tracking tools such as Bugzilla bug tracking system, GNATS problem report database, or Debian defect tracking system usually takes a long time to set up, are not easily customizible (such as add/remove a field), and are not fully supported. Shareware defect tracking software does not cost much, but may not even have the basic features to be useful. Expensive defect tracking systems may have a million poorly-written never used "features", but they certainly do not worth the cost ($300-$600 per user license fee and high maintenance fee). They are too complex, rarely configured properly, confusing, and cumbersome to be effectively used.Bugzero speaks for itself. It is user-friendly and powerful. It has all the practical functions of a professional issue-tracking program, yet offers an intuitive, simple, and straight-forward user-interface that requires no end user training at all (simplicity). You are in full control of the tool. Bugzero is also highly affordable, minimizes your overall cost by utilizing your existing hardware and software systems and integrating with them seamlessly (integration).Most importantly, Bugzero comes with timely enterprise-level support. You can depend on us for your needs and can normally expect a no-nonsense response from us within minutes or hours at most. Bugzero is free of known bugs, and bugs once found are fixed within days. System RequirementServer Hardware PC (CPU 500MHz/256MB RAM/20GB HD), Mac, Sun, or IBM Servers ...Server OS Windows, Unix, Linux, or Mac OS ...Server Database Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PosgreSQL, or Access ...Server Software Java 1.3+ and a JavaO application server such as Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere ...Client Software MSIE, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera, or Netscape ... Backup and RecoveryBackup and recover Bugzero is simple. You need backup the entire bugzero folder just once since it never changes after install. All the data is stored in the database, and so you need back it up periodically. In case of a hardware or software crash, you just need restore either the bugzero folder if the application server got crashed, or the database if the database server got crashed, or both if they were installed on the same computer. Demo/Download/InstallFor your convenience, we have demo sites setup for you to try out the software without you downloading and installing it. You can login as dev, qa, or guest (the password is the same as the username). Note that, user guest has limited access, and also that inconsistencies can occur when multiple users are logged on using the same username. To see how the Bugzero system administration (i.e., project configuration and user-account management) works, email us or register online (please state explicitly this is what you want, i.e., to see the admin), and we will send you the admin url. You will see how flexible and configurable it is.To download a free try version or purchase a license, go to the Pricing page.For detail installation instructions, please go to the Install page. ReleasesBugzero does releases very often. A upgrade script is provided and the process is simple and easy. It is mostly an automatic process and should be painless. You can find the complete release notes in the download or you can read it right here. You can also see the future upcoming changes. If you found a bug, tell us and we'll fix it immediately (hours or at most days). You will never need to wait months or years for the next release. Resources: Bug tracking explainedA good issue-tracking system is essentially a central repository for problem reports, which may be software bugs, hardware defects, customer feedbacks, trouble tickets, or any other collections of incidents and issues. The importance of such a system is its collaborative nature and its tracking and change-management capability. It is thus best to be used by a group of people in a geophysically distributed environment. Follow the link to read more about collaborative bug, defect, issue, and incident tracking tool and change management software.

Features- Standard technologies, web-based, ...

  • Bugzero
  • 5.7
  • WEBsina, Inc.
  • Win 2000, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Shareware
  • 1.4 Mb
  • 660
  • $399.00

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