Alexandria Archives v.0.1.1


What is Alexandria Archives? It is a software designed to catalog your files and directories on CD, Floppy disk, Hard Drive, ZIP disk, USB memory, etc. and search for them later. FeaturesHere are the features availables in unstable version 0.1.1 : * Simple search interface : search by name, type, date, size, media name and media type. * Simple archiving interface (interface for scanning medias to add files and directories they contain in a catalog). * XML based catalog file * Specify XML catalog compresion level * Catalog properties (Catalog name, author, description) * Allow user to cancel a long operation (like scanning or searching) at any times (use Threads)Technical features : * Written in C/C++ * GUI with Gtkmm 2 (see ) * XML with libxml2 (see ) * Known to run under Linux. Should also run under other Unix-like OS. We are planning to make it run under Windows.Features that will be available in next versions (what have to be done for next versions) * Modify entries in catalog (description, type, etc.) * Remove entries from catalog * User file types * For the archiving interface : A simple filter to exclude or include entries before adding them in catalog, apply a description and/or a file type to a selection of entries * Configuration file to save user options * Make it run under WindowsOther planned Features (may be not in a near future...) : * Use SQL database (probably MySQL) * Use encryption for XML based catalog file * And a lot more...

What is Alexandria Archives? It is a software ...

  • Alexandria Archives
  • 0.1.1
  • alexandriaarchv
  • Linux
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