RelayFax Network Fax Server v.6.7.7


RelayFax Network Fax Server 6.7.7 is a useful management software that helps automate sending, receiving, and managing your network faxes from your desktop, and integrates full faxing functionality within your existing email system all while providing unlimited fax sends and receives with no monthly fees or per-transmission charges. RelayFax connects to any number of POP mailboxes at scheduled intervals and collects waiting fax messages, which the software then emails, faxes, or prints as defined in its configurable fax rules.With RelayFax, you can send outgoing faxes and receive incoming faxes without leaving your workstation. Incoming faxes can be converted to various image formats such as TIFF, JPEG and BMP. An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plug-in can be used to convert faxed images into editable document formats (DOC, PDF, etc.). A single fax can also be sent to multiple destinations and automatically assigned a specific cover page or template based on specific users and groups.RelayFax includes one year of free upgrade protection to protect your investment. Download the free, fully functional 30-day evaluation software, or if you are ready to take advantage of the productivity gains from RelayFax purchase today!Major Features:Available in Multiple LanguagesRelayFax ServerEnglishFrenchItalianJapaneseRelayFax Desktop ClientEnglishFrenchItalianJapaneseGermanSpanishDutchPolishCzechFinnishNorwegian-BokmalSwedishDanishModern Fax Technology SupportPowerful and Versatile Fax EngineRelayFax is equipped with a fax engine that supports many fax modems and Error Correcting Mode (ECM).Its redesigned Modem Configuration interface provides options for controlling COM port baud rate, flow control, fax baud rate, speaker activation, volume, and more.TWAIN-compatibleSupports TWAIN devices such as scanners and digital cameras. This allows faxing of scanned images and digital photos.Supports ISDN DevicesRelayFax supports CAPI 2.0 (ISDN) devices, and has been tested with both single and dual channel ISDN cards.DID Routing supportWith support for DID routing, you can associate DID fax numbers with specific users, and configure RelayFax to automatically route faxes to them based on the DID information received.Inbound routing rules allows you to define actions based on DID information received.RelayFax can be configured to accept calls only when they are directed to valid DID numbers-incoming calls to any other numbers will be ignored.These features require DID capable hardware.Compatible with a wide range of fax boardsRelayFax now supports faxing via many Mainpine, Brooktrout, Gammalink, Eicon, Dialogic, and NMS fax boards.Receive and route faxes based on distinctive ringThrough support for distinctive RING code recognition, you can designate which fax device you want to answer incoming calls.For each modem you can specify RING1, RING2, and/or RING3.Fast and flexible fax databaseInformation about incoming and outgoing faxes is stored using XML, which is efficient and fast.Optical Character Recognition (OCR)RelayFax includes optical character recognition, which provides the ability to read and distribute incoming faxes automatically, based on content.OCR makes it possible for you to convert incoming faxes to editable document formats such as DOC, PDF, and HTML.MDaemon integrationRelayFax is supported completely by the MDaemon email server.When used in conjunction with MDaemon you can import your user accounts into RelayFax automatically by creating a RelayFax account on MDaemon.Send faxes directly from within MDaemon's web-based email client, to leverage web-based faxing capabilities, and more.Administration ToolsAutomatic modem detectionRelayFax automatically detects any number of modems that you have installed on the server.You can also add and configure modems manually.Terminal Services SupportRelayFax can run in a Terminal Services environment.The administration interface, SMTP client, and printer drivers all support operating under Terminal Services.Fax schedulingYou can set RelayFax to send faxes to certain locations at specific times in order to reduce long distance charges.RelayFax can be scheduled to collect faxed email at times when more bandwidth is available.Convert incoming faxes to PDF or PNG documentsIn addition to many formats such as JPEG, GIF, Doc, and so on, RelayFax can send incoming faxes to their recipients in PDF and PNG formats.Scan documents for fax commandsDocuments can be scanned via OCR for specific fax parameters such as fax numbers, recipient names, company names, and more. You can designate specific identifying text to search for (for example, "FAXTO:" for a fax number) and then RelayFax will look for the appropriate text strings immediately following those identifiers. A text file can also be referenced for inclusion in the comments field of the cover page.Automatic incoming fax routingRelayFax can route incoming faxes directly to you.When RelayFax receives an incoming fax it will use optical character recognition (OCR) and various other rules-based methods to determine the intended recipients and then route the fax accordingly, attached to an email message.Log all faxing activitiesRelayFax has extensive logging capabilities. Log files can be rotated daily or weekly, and each service can be logged into a separate file. A special debug log is also available.Smart fax handlingRelayFax provides the option to apply rules to incoming and outgoing faxes.Specify who is eligible to receive faxes and which mailbox to use.Ignore faxes from unknown senders.Fax a message without knowing the fax number.User ExperienceFax from your desktopAt scheduled times RelayFax connects to designated email servers, collects specified messages, and faxes them to specified fax numbers.By sending a message to a designated email address, or by using the included Fax Client, you can send outgoing faxes directly from your workstation.Print-to-faxIncluded printer driver makes it possible to send faxes by printing directly to RelayFax from any application.Easily edit cover pagesYou can edit *.COV cover pages under Windows 2000/XP using the Microsoft Cover Page Editor included with Windows 2000/XP. The older Windows 9x style cover page format (*.CPE) is also supported.Multiple language supportThe Fax Client is available in twelve languages.Integrated SMTP Fax ClientIncluded with RelayFax is a fax client that uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to transfer messages to RelayFax via email.Installed on each user's workstation, the Fax Client has an intuitive user interface that simplifies the process of faxing from the desktop.Documents in DOC, XS, and other formats can be faxed as email attachments-the client will transfer the documents via email to RelayFax, which will then fax them to their destination.BroadcastingUsers can send a single fax to an entire list of recipients, rather than faxing each person individually.Fax priority systemUsers can assign a priority to each outgoing fax. If several faxes are waiting to be sent, higher priority documents will be faxed first.Address book sharingRelayFax provides a network-wide fax address book so users can share contacts and save time when faxing to commonly used numbers.Automatic client updatesWhen RelayFax has been updated, the server will automatically notify the user and provide instructions on how to update their Fax Client.Requirements:Microsoft Windows OS:XP (32-bit only)Windows Server 2000Windows Server 2003 (32-bit only)Vista (excluding Vista Home " The RelayFax client can be installed on Home Edition, but the cover page options will not work because this versions does not include "Fax Services," also known as "Windows Fax and Scan")Windows Server 2008 (32-bit only)Computer with Pentium IV 1GHz (or higher) processor.512 MB of memory (1GB recommended).Minimum hard disk space required: 30 MB.TCP/IP network protocol installed.Internet or Intranet communication capabilities.Access to a standard SMTP/POP3 Email server. This server does not need to be installed on your LAN. RelayFax's dialup features make it possible to use your ISP's mail server, or any other server that you are allowed to use for collecting and sending email.One or more fax boards or class 1, 1.0, 2, 2.0, or 2.1 fax modems.

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  • RelayFax Network Fax Server
  • 6.7.7
  • Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.
  • Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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