MPSuperShape v.1.7


MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. MPSuperShape can be used to combine multiple shapes into one large shape, find the intersections (overlaps) between shapes, find boundary shapes around selected pushpins, import/export shape files, and to create web pages. Import shape options include ESRI Shape (SHP) files, MapInfo MIF files, Keyhole (KML), and GML. MPSuperShape can also export to GML; KML; and webpages that use Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth ('Live Local'). Possible applications include: Combining drive-time areas to find the total area covered by existing depots; Finding territory overlaps; Finding areas which meet multiple characteristics; Finding territory boundary shapes around customer pushpins; Transferring shapes to/from other GIS systems; Create webpages from MapPoint shapes and pushpins.

MPSuperShape provides the following benefits:

* Combine multiple shapes
* Find the intersection (overlap) between shapes
* Import shapes from external (non-MapPoint) files
* Export shapes to external (non-MapPoint) files
* Create webpages that use Virtual Earth or Google Maps to display MapPoint pushpins and/or shapes.
* Copy shapes between different MapPoint maps - reuse the same shapes on multiple maps!

The import and export options support GML and KML. GML is an XML-based open GIS format that is managed by the Open Geospatial Consortium. KML ('Keyhole Markup') is the XML language for Google Earth, but it is also supported by Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Requirements: MapPoint 2006 (or later), .NET Framework 2.0 (or later), and Windows XP or Vista required.

Shape manipulation tool for MS MapPoint. MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. MPSuperShape can combine shapes, find overlaps, find pushpin boundaries, and import/export data files. MapPoint 2006, .NET Framework 2.0 (or later), and Windows XP or Vista required.

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