HighView v.2.0


HighView 2.0 is created to brings users good-quality and attractive image fusion and pan-sharpening software program. It successfully merges low-resolution multispectral bands with high-resolution panchromatic band of recent satellite images (for instance, Digital Globe s QuickBird, Space Imaging s IKONOS, and Landsat 7 ETM+). HighView can be widely applied in a variety of image application fields, such as defense intelligence, urban planning, 3D visualization, environmental impact assessment, and land cover/use changes.A comprehensive image fusion workflow is adopted in HighView including three steps--band combination, pan-sharpening, and assessment. HighView is compact and easy-to-use. With its full set of spectral and spatial optimization and enhancement options, users now have more flexibility and control in producing ideal image fusion and pan-sharpening results best suited to their needs and taste. Not only geospatial analysts but also novice users will find HighView an essential tool for exploring image intelligence.Pan-sharpening modules: Local spectral/spatial optimisation methodGlobal spectral/spatial optimisation methodAn efficient, improved bilinear resampling schemeSpatial enhancements (sharpen, detail, or none) for any selected set of bandsColour enhancements by adjusting R/G/B factorsOption for matching histogram stretches used during band combinationFor Landsat ETM+ inputs, four options of spatial enhancements (including two for noises reduction)Pan-sharpened output imagery with full, unstretched dynamic rangePan-sharpened output imagery in 24-bit BMP format under linear and nonlinear stretches and/or GeoTIFF formatAn efficient batch processing mode that can be easily integrated into enterprise workflows.Applicable to QuickBird, IKONOS, Landsat ETM+ imagery and many othersApplicable to increasingly popular SPOT-5 imagery (image fusion at spatial resolutions of 5m and 2.5m, including the simulation of true-colour composite from false-colour input bands) (Only included in HighView Professional Ver. 2.5)Option for either intensive or low memory usage in processing large size inputs (maximum image size of 32,768 by 32,768 pixels)If the file size of fused multi-band output is close to or larger than 2GB, HighView automatically produces outputs with separate bandsRequirements:Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

HighView 2.0 is created to brings users ...

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