Gemini for Windows v.5.07


Gemini for Windows 5.07 is designed for you to export the text from within a PDF in a variety of formats including HTML, RTF, eBook, and Palm Doc format (for Palm based PDAs).Gemini for Windows supports all standards of PDF plus password protected documents (40- and 128-bit encryption compatible with Acrobat 6.x). It also supports the export of photos and graphics as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG, and BMP.Major Features:HighlightsConvert PDF to RTF (for MS Word), HTML, ASCII, Open eBook, Palm DocConvert tables into text, HTML, RTF, and SYLK (for MS Excel)Export images as JPEG, TIFF (multi-page), PNG, BMP, EPSRender PDF at a variety of resolutions and colour depthsCustomize HTML - headers, footers, frames, navigation linksRetain approximate page layout in ASCII, HTML and RTFPreserve text reading order by using Article ThreadsPreserve hyper-text links in HTML, eBook and RTFConvert Hebrew PDF into logical & visual HTMLAdvanced character re-mapping for "problem" PDFsRetain clip paths and OPI names with Photoshop compatible EPSBatch conversionHyperlinks & BookmarksGemini will preserve hyper-text links from the original PDF document. These can be links to pages, to other PDFs or to the world wide web.If your PDF has bookmarks Gemini can output them as hyper-links. In HTML, it can present the bookmarks side by side with the pages using frames for easier navigation.Even if your PDF does not have any bookmarks, Gemini will create a set of bookmarks by looking at titles and headings throughout the PDF - a real time saver when converting long documents.Batch ConversionsUsing the powerful batch-export feature for example, its a simple task to generate thumbnails for 100's of PDFs in one operation or to convert a folder full of PDFs into multi-page TIFFs or HTML.Character MappingSome PDFs are poorly constructed with bad font encodings making it near impossible to export the contents correctly. Gemini offers a powerful and flexible solution to this problem with its Character Map facility.Using the Character Map* you can map specific characters in the document to any Unicode character. You can browse all the character shapes stored in each font within the document and change any or all of the mappings with ease.All your mappings are remembered so that next time you want to extract from the document or another like it, you won't have to waste time making tedious manual corrections.Convert Images to EPS Retaining Clipping MasksImages can be output as Photoshop compatible EPS together with any clipping path used in the PDF. The output is fully compatible with Photoshop, Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign and by including complex clipping paths, saves you time and effort in re-masking.If your PDFs contain OPI information, Gemini can export the images with their original names - the names used for the image files at the time the PDF was created. You can also interrogate individual images by right-clicking the mouse button whilst it is over an image.Output Via Article ThreadsMark up your documents with article threads and Gemini will output them on an article-by-article basis so you don't have to spend time splitting up pages of text.It quickly and accurately combines fragments of articles split across pages, reflowing the text complete with any images and tables as a single entity. The software will also produce a list of hyperlinks taking to each article in turn.Requirements:Intel compatible PC - Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista256 MB of RAM and a 800MHz processor

Gemini for Windows 5.07 is designed for you to ...

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