Employear v.0.1.2


Keep track of the attendances of employees. Fill a daycode for the employees in grid per month or import the registered time from time tracking app and interprete attendances to daycodes. Complete (illness, holiday..) and sum time worked compare with "todo" and calculate plus/minus saldo. Saldo is kept for each month, but calculates continuesly.
View per employee month and/or year. Export the attendance records for HRM or print a report. Month-year reports. Export feedback to employees. Intermediate for Small Business between employee Time Registration System (Time tracker) and (external) HRM office.
Written in Gambas2 (needs gambas2 compiler/runtime which is free available in most distro's, and IDE if source is to be changed). Supplied source package must be unpacked, can be opened in the Gambas IDE, and run immediately (needs mysql). Employear can easily be translated- without touching the code- in the Gambas IDE.

Keep track of the attendances of employees. ...

  • Employear
  • 0.1.2
  • 22 Jun 12
  • sourceforge
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 212 Kb
  • 216
  • Free

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