EZ Contract Proposal v.2.1.7


If you place any value on time and appearance at all, there is no software that offers what EZ Contract Proposal does. The entire purpose of the software is to design, save and print contract proposals as quickly as possible - and at the same time - provide the means to deliver to your client an end product (that being, the finished document) that rings true to the professionalism and detail your company represents. As you already know, developing a proposal for a client is usually not a one time deal. You may develop 2, 3 or more proposals before a final contract can be drawn. We make that process easy... but just one of the reasons why we developed this software and added the features that exist. EZ Contract Proposal provides the end user with the means of creating, editing, delivering, saving and printing professional looking contract proposals with speed and ease of use. The learning curve could not possibly be lower. Whether youre an electrical contractor, a wedding planner, a CNC retrofitter, a caterer, an interior decorator or any other profession that requires itemized contract proposals, this software provides the solutions you seek. You can view a screenshot here, though one view does little justice to the true power and magic of this software. Features Include: Provisions for up to 6 pges of editable content for a contract proposal including duplicate copies of the final page that contains all sub-totals and totals (including tax, if applicable), the contract terms and conditions, areas for both the company representative and client signatures with dates and Payment Remittance Area complete with all pertinent company information. Automatic Calculation of all values in the Amount Fields. (including automatic in-line calculation as well). Automatic completion of Words and Phrases from the Frequent Terms List. Even as proper case such as "Maid of Honor". Automatic backup of the file youre working on to the Backup Folder. .....

If you place any value on time and appearance ...

  • EZ Contract Proposal
  • 2.1.7
  • Wade Instruments
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Shareware
  • 3.44 Mb
  • 229
  • $750.00

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