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CheckMark MultiLedger Win/Mac 6.0.3 is considered as a flexible and effective tool, designed to allow you to combine accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and a general ledger into one program.It tracks jobs, sales tax categories, and commissionable sales. Also, you will be able to print invoices, statements, and checks, reconcile your bank accounts, and more.Major Benefits:An easy-to-use accounting software that integrates yourGeneral LedgerReceivablesPayablesInventoryJobsFor one low price, you getMulti-user capabilitiesUnlimited companiesUp-to-the-minute reportsWindows and MacintoshMajor Features:Automate Your AccountingStart using MultiLedger anytime of the year, even before you have beginning balances (can be added later). Choose from one of the sample charts of accounts (COA) included and modify it as needed. You can also import a COA or create one from scratch. We've made it easy to enter or import customers, vendors, inventory and other company data. Handles either accrual or cash basis.From the MultiLedger Command Center, you can quicly enter transactions or gain access to most information. Get easier access to all areas with the one-click buttons. To help make sales, you can generate cusomer quotes quickly. It's easy to view, print or email a quote. Add comments instantly. Quotes can be modified, deleted or converted to an invoice at any time.Next, create invoices using drop-down lists for speed and accuracy. Recurring invoices, inventory control, non-inventory items and more are all included. You can view, print or email an invoice.To help with collections, you can send statements with the month's activity or only the invoice totals. Get 30, 60 and 90-day aging reports. Keep track of the details. Instantly know what is poid in full, partially paid, past dur or unpaoid so you can stay on top of receivables and payables.As customer payments arrive, click once and you are ready to apply their payment, apply discounts and automatically update your bank deposit. If you need to see more details or the original invoice, it's easy to access.Handling payables is just as easy. One click lets you see all your vendors payable, discounts, balance due, etc. If you need to see the source document, you get instant access.Add comments to invoices, quotes, item purchases and POs.Communicate specifics to your customers and vendors.Drill down from any Transaction Journal or the General Journal to the source document. Make changes, if needed.Setup Recurring Entries for seven different journals. Our reminder screen means no more forgetting to pay the rent or the phone bill.Live ReportsWith integrated accounting, you get up-to-the-minute reports with the information vital to your success. This instant reporting lets you select a date reange and criteria list so you get cutomized results. Reports can be viewed, printed or saved as a text file ready to import into Word or Excel.Know the Status of Your BusinessMultiLedger has the power to help track your progress. View or print graphs and compare actual to budget. Detailed reports will hellp you monitor sales, customers, items, sales persons, inventory, jobs and cash flow. Get the big picture with the Financial Snapshot button. Review totals in nearly every area plus ratios considered critical for monitoring your business. You can keep up to 30 months open and compare your to year within those 30 months.Email Invoices, Quotes and POsYou can email invoices, quotes and purchase orders directly from MultiLedger 7.1. Saving you time, paper and postage. This feature emails plain text without graphics.Printing FeaturesYou can preview the layout for your invoices, checks, packing slips, labels and more before printing. Eliminates trial-and-error printing. Print checks in one batch or select specific checks to print. You can also print on blank check paper with the MICR encoding feature. Ideal for accounting professionals. (MICR tone recommended.) Print bank deposit slips with up to 18 items, your bank information and MICR encoding.Customize your invoices, quotes, purchase orders and other documents with a graphic file. As you print, simply select a graphic file and get a professional look.Print 1099 Tax Forms (2 Options)MultiLedger prints your data on Forms 1099 and 1096. MultiLedger also prints four 1099-MISC copies on 4-up perforated blank sheets. Use with 1099 Copy A and 1096 Transmittal forms. Next, you have the option of filing your 1099-MISC electronically with the IRS and avoid printing the Copy A and 1096 forms. Requires an IRS Transmitter Control Code (TCC).Track Inventory ItemsWith MultiLedger, you can know exactly how much inventory you have, how much you've sold and how much it's all worth. As you invoice customers or puchase new stock from vendors, MultiLedger will automatically update each item.Manage your inventory using: Item cost, quantity on hand, reorder quantity, multiple price levels, multiple tax rates, totals and more!In-House PayrollPurchase CheckMark Payroll, the companion software, and run your payroll in-house. Jobs, departments and all the posting data integrates with MultiLedger. Print payroll checks, tax forms and reports as needed.Requirements:15 MB Available Disk SpaceWindows 2000 or higher, including Windows VistaCompatible printerCD-ROM drive

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