Sidechain Gate v.1.1.0


Sidechain Gate lets you perform clever mixing techniques, by using a source track to gate a destination track. For example, you can use a complex hi-hat pattern in one track to rhythmically gate a synth pad in another track. Or simplify a busy bass guitar by gating it from a kick drum track (so the bass guitar is only heard when the kick drum sounds). Whats more, Sidechain Gate is easy to use, and works in almost any audio software package - even those that do not directly support side-chaining***. It only takes a few mouse clicks and youre up and running! Features: * crisp, low distortion gating even with short attack/release times * easy multi track side-chaining based on db audiowares Universal Sidechains * one-to-one-track or one-to-many-tracks side-chaining * elegant user interface with clear visual feedback * precision control over the gating response (EQ & Shape) * full MIDI control, with easy to use MIDI Learn

Sidechain Gate lets you perform clever mixing ...

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