Phoenix Live Premium v.3.3x


Phoenix Live is an intuitive-to-operate laser software helping you to easily and quickly write your software for your own laser and DMX devices without any lengthy practising to get to know the software. Choose from more than 300 pre-programmed effects, complement them with your own programmed effects, logos, lettering and running texts and create a sensational and unique laser show. The programming is done by means of a real-time timeline, which allows you to keep track of things and synchronise the single elements in the most perfect way.

Every single effect may take as long as 10 minutes and can be allocated to one or many (up to laser projectors in real-time. The single effects can be allocated to the laser beamers either in a fixed or variable mode. More than 10 interactive controls are there for you to alter the effects directly and during data output. Add colour gradients to your show, work with strobe and rotating effects or move around along all axes. Several transition effects allow you to make the transition between the single effects as smooth as possible. Furthermore, by using the Phoenix Show Controller, you can control several fog machines simultaneously or successively and thus add another highlight to your event. You can store up to 800 complete animations / effects per show. Inform your audience during the running show about the latest news or add attraction to your advertisements.

The SMS-4-Laser tool, which is included in the delivery, allows you to allocate text messages sent from your Apple IPhone directly to a laser. The optional PDA function provides even more flexibility in operating the equipment. It can be used to also control all Phoenix Show Controller functions from a PDA or IPhone. Get yourself the necessary leverage to be able to move freely and view your show from different angles and control your show from all corners of the location. Or take advantage of the opportunity to plug in Midi devices, such as the brand-new Akai APC-40, to get the utmost professionalism when accessing your Phoenix Show Controller. The sound-to-laser function assists the laser jockey to automatically match the rhythm of the music with the effects or automatically trigger alternating laser effects.


Intuitive handling of laser live software
Choose from more than 300 pre-programmed effects
Store up to 880 complete animations / effects per show
Output to up to 8 individual laser projectors
8 time matrix output in real time (allocation of projectors in real time applies for every effect)
Chaser function for laser projectors (that is, a running light function) individual effects can also be programmed in no time
Many powerful functions from PHOENIX PRO, such as Hiddenlines, Masking, Scanlimits, Sparkling, Strobes, up to 30 layers per effect, colour morphing, morphing of images, etc.
Each effect may take as long as 10 minutes
Time line programming
Allows fixed and variable allocation of lasers for every effect
Allows DMX Interface for interactive control of external DMX controllers. For this, all functions and parts come with a unique starting address
DMX-out (8 x 512 DMX-Channels)
DMX Quick Access buttons for quick programming of chasers, moving heads, strobes, silver screens, etc.
FOG button - with up to 24 DMX channels ( that is, several fog machines can be programmed to be controlled either simultaneously, or successively)
Sound-to-sound laser function with individual adjustment of bpm for every single effect
Auto run for laser effects
10 interactive sliders to directly change effects during data output, such as colour gradients, strobe effects, movements along all axes, scan-speed adjustments and many more
Transition effects between 2 effects (cross-over effects)
Group and preset buttons
Time line for creation of scenes for smaller shows
SMS-to-laser for free is included and may be used with conventional IPhones
Can also be used via PDA (optional function)

Phoenix Live is an intuitive-to-operate laser ...

laser, dmx, real-time timeline, create, laser show

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