Master Perfection Suite v.1.2.1


This collection of powerful processing and analysis tools was designed in conjunction with professional audio engineers to meet the needs of the most demanding mixing, mastering, analysis, and sound design applications. Give Master Perfection Suite a try to fully assess its capabilities!

A professional quality gate/expander plug-in with comprehensive parameter controls, and waveform and graph displays that simplify making the right settings for each application. GateEx helps reduce unwanted low-level content by effectively reducing or removing signals below an assignable threshold.

A real-time pitch correction/transposition plug-in that fixes out-oftune vocals or other monophonic instruments easily and with minimal artifacts, thanks to a powerful new pitch-shifting algorithm. PitchCraft is a great sound design tool as well, capable of producing humorous, eerie, or supernatural effects.

Repli-Q's primary function is to match the overall spectral content of a target signal to that of a source signal, but Repli-Q has the flexibility for many other uses. Repli-Q's spectral matching is invaluable in mastering, and can improve the sound of an improperly equalized track. Repli-Q can also aid in ensuring optimized playback in multiple listening environments.

Seven powerful analysis tools in a single plug-in interface — Oscilloscope, Peak and RMS Power History, Spectrogram, Pan Power/Phase Correlation Meter, Spectral Analysis, Lissajous Phase Scope and Peak and RMS Level Meters. Each tool can be viewed in detail individually, while an 'all' view displays every tool in a single window.

Sqweez-3 & -5
BIAS' linear-phase equalization algorithms set these two multi-band compressor/limiter plug-ins apart from all others. Both offer graphic per-band viewing/editing of threshold and EQ. The Sqweez plug-ins feature individual soloing and/or bypassing of each of the three (Sqweez-3) or five (Sqweez-5) bands, Gain Compensation to remedy loudness variations introduced by the compression, and a Digital Ceiling slider that sets the threshold of the integrated Soft Clip function.

A mastering-quality parametric equalizer in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-band versions. Each band in SuperFreq has a wide +24 dB to -24 dB gain range, bandwidth (Q) values from 0.1 to 30, full 20Hz to 20kHz sweepable frequency range, bypass, and five filter types. Input and output signals are for Windows2K, XP, Vista, 7

This collection of powerful processing and ...

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  • Master Perfection Suite
  • 1.2.1
  • 11 May 12
  • BIAS Inc.
  • Windows2K, XP, Vista, 7
  • Freeware
  • 820
  • Free

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