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With EasyFLV you will be able to -Streaming Video Software Add web video players to any website(s).Streaming Video Software Add videos to Myspace and other social networking sites.Streaming Video Software Add videos to blogs. Wordpress, Blogspot or any other you use.Streaming Video Software Add videos to membership sites.Streaming Video Software Add videos to Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Mambo etc.Streaming Video Software Convert all compatible videos to FLV format for web streaming.We have been developing FLV based streaming video software since 2003. All features have been developed as a result of feedback from our valued customers. Our user base range from webmasters to strategic marketeers who use video on their website to potentially increase their website revenue. We continue to adapt and improve our web video players as technology improves.To add video to your website with our streaming video software you do not need any programming skills. No special streaming servers are needed so you save money as there are no monthly fees. If you have not started adding streaming video to your website, this is the best time to start.Why you need videos on a website? The Benefits:Streaming Video Software It makes your website more interactive.Streaming Video Software Streaming video gives your website a personality.Streaming Video Software It builds trust in visitors as they know who they are dealing with.Streaming Video Software Visitors spend more time on your website giving you more opportunities to convert sales.Streaming Video Software Streaming video makes it easy for teaching or tutorial materials.Our software saves you money!Streaming Video SoftwareNo money needed for a streaming media server or any special servers!Streaming Video Software No need to hire a software programmer to build web players or set up them.Streaming Video SoftwareNo dependance on 3rd party website(s) to serve your videos.EasyFLV is compatible with all standard WYSIWYG HTML editors:Streaming Video Software Microsoft FrontpageStreaming Video Software Adobe DreamweaverStreaming Video Software XsiteproStreaming Video SoftwareNvuThe following is very important. What are we offering you and why.Streaming Video Software #1 Batch FLV ConverterVideos captured on your video camera, digital camera, mobile phones, webcams or the videos on a DVD are not web compatible. They have to be converted to the web compatible streaming video format - FLV. The batch FLV converter takes care of this conversion process and supports a wide variety of video formats like Mpeg, AVI, DivX AVI, WMV, ASF, MOV, 3GPP, Mp4, RM and RMVB. This converter is free with any of the other EasyFLV software.Streaming Video Software #2 Streaming Video SoftwareOnce your video has been converted to FLV, stream it on your website with EasyFLV web video players. The streaming video desktop software will generate the HTML codes including different codes for different situations and you can set loads of player behaviors like auto play, looped play, clickable video, define custom video player size etc.Streaming Video Software #3 Multitrack Streaming Video SoftwareOften you will require streaming of multiple video tracks through one video player with a playlist. The multitrack video software is meant exactly for this, while you only show the FLV files to the software and choose the player settings like auto play, auto progress, player size etc, the software generates the HTML codes, playlist files etc. All you have to do is upload the files to your server and copy and paste the generated code. Features:Streaming Video Software Configure video to start manually or automatically when the website loads.Streaming Video Software Place an image or advertisement at the start of each web video playerto increase your website revenue.Streaming Video SoftwareImages are automatically resized to fit with your selected web video player.Streaming Video Software Define your own desired player size. Players are generated dynamically.Streaming Video Software Video players support the FULL SCREEN feature.Streaming Video SoftwareLoads of options like Auto Play, Video looping, Volume initialization etc.Streaming Video Software Packed with several professional looking video player designs.Streaming Video Software Supports all leading browsers on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.Streaming Video Software Generates fully compliant W3C validated code making it easy for search enginespiders to index and rank your content.Screenshots:Streaming Video SoftwareAbove is the software interface where you choose the variousoptions and then hit a button to generate the code (below).Streaming Video SoftwareBenefits of EasyFLV Streaming Video Software. Why we are different.1Generates flexible HTML codesOn a PC it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Opera.On a Mac it is compatible with E5.2, Safari, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.We have given three kinds of HTML code generation options to ensure 100% visibility of your video on all browsers. All generated HTML codes are strict XHTML compliant.Streaming Video Software2.Contains video players in different stylesThe software comes packed with web video players in different styles. The size of the video players are dynamic that is you can set them up for any specific video window size you want. For example 800x300, an ultra wide screen! All the industry standard sizes are supplied with the software.Streaming Video SoftwareThe software comes with a loadable player structure, that is when we make players of new designs you can load them onto the software without actually upgrading the software.3.Saves expensive bandwidth with small file sized SWF playersSize matters and our software only uses 3kb - 4kb for the web video players. This can make HUGE savings in bandwidth each month over traditional software.Traditional players can be up to 120kb in size and for every 1000 video views, would require 120,000 kb or 120 Mb for bandwidth consumption. Our player would only use 3 to 4 Mb of bandwidth - saving LOTS of money on expensive bandwidth!4.HTML EncryptionEncrypt your HTML to hide the real video file URL. This will prevent other people from streaming your videos and eating up your bandwidth.Streaming Video Software5.Clickable VideosWhether you are an affiliate webmaster or promoting your own products, you can use our video software to let users click a video that will take them directly to the product page. This improves visitor experience significantly.Streaming Video Software6.Redirection on completion of videoEasily redirect your website visitor to a new webpage or another website as soon as a video stops. This is great for affiliate webmasters to send visitors to the related affiliate product. It can also be used to promote your own products and special offers.You can easily set up a series of video tutorials and each video can direct to the next episode smoothly or simply use it to prompt people to sign up to your newsletter. The possibilities are only limited if you limit them.Streaming Video Software7.Saving and loading of dataOur software will save you lots of time. Simply configure your preferred settings once and use the same subsequently. Data is saved in an internal format and the next time you want to use the same options simply load the file through the settings and you are done.Multiple preference files can be saved so if you are working for several clients or on several websites and each has its own setting, you can save them as separate profiles. When you load a profile, the corresponding software options are loaded automatically.Streaming Video Software8.Help and Support is just a click awayYou can access our support directly from the software. There is also an elaborated instruction manual for your quick reference.

With EasyFLV you will be able to -Streaming ...

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