BroadCam Streaming Video Server v.2.23

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Broadcast Your Videos Over The Internet Through BroadCam Video Streaming Software
Why Use BroadCam Video Streaming Software?
There are many people who are interested in adding live or record video on the business websites in order to attract the clients and if it is streaming and broadcasting videos over the internet that you are looking for, then you can do it very easily with the help of BroadCam Video Streaming software. The video stream that you broadcast through this software can be easily viewed on most of the popular web browsers that are available these days. The BroadCam Video Streaming software is perfect for companies who would like to broadcast video announcements and information about their company on the website. It is also important software that will help in broadcasting videos on new sales and promotions of the company and can also be used to broadcast a video whenever a new product or service is launched by the company. Teachers, lecturers and private tutors can also use BroadCam Video Streaming software to broadcast their video content on their web portal. They also have the option of sending e-mails to their students to watch the uploaded video content. Once the video is uploaded over the internet with the help of BroadCam Video Streaming software, all that the viewer needs to do is to just click the play button and he or she will be able to watch the uploaded videos instantly.

Adoring Features Of Broadcam Software
The first and foremost basic advantage of this software is that you  will be able to stream video and audio from your computer and will also be able to host umpteen numbers of pre-recorded video clips and files over the internet. The best part about BroadCam Video Streaming Software is that it supports all the popular modern types of video players that are available and hence the videos that you upload on internet sites can be watched by millions and millions of people from all over the world. You also have the option of privatizing the viewership of a particular video file that you upload on the internet and you can invite a certain set of viewers to watch the video online. The software is so competent that it will connect and start to stream videos live from a webcam or even a network Internet Protocol camera. The BroadCam Video Streaming software is so sophisticated that it supports the modern motion jpeg video streaming. The videos that you stream using BroadCam Video Streaming Software can be viewed on almost all the web browsers with the help of a flash plug-in or through the Windows media Player. You can also add a watermark on the videos that you stream live online. You also have the option of displaying banners as well as custom link URL so that you can easily promote your company through  the video that you stream or it can turn out to be an excellent revenue generator as you can sell the slot for companies to advertize in the space. The BroadCam Video Streaming software not only helps you to upload videos over the internet but also helps in compression of the streaming videos and will work perfectly in any Mac or Linux or Windows computer.

Audio and Video stream compression, option to broadcast live or pre-recorder video over the internet, bandwidth adjustment, plays directly from a viewers web browser and so on are some of the positive features of BroadCam Video Streaming software that work in its favor.

The advanced features like monitoring of cameras in different locations are not available in the trial version.

If you would like to broadcast your pre-made videos or are interested in uploading live videos, then there is no doubt that you will find all that you want in BroadCam Video Streaming software tool.

Publisher's Description

BroadCam Professional video streaming server allowing you to broadcast or serve live and pre-recorded video over the Internet. Your viewers can watch your live video feed through their default media player on any computer. BroadCam handles the audio and video stream compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment and serving over the Internet. BroadCam streams can also play directly from a viewers web browser.

It is ideal for companies to broadcast internal and external video announcements, as well as lecturers, teachers or webmasters who would like to quickly and easily setup to broadcast video over the internet. BroadCam Professional can also be used to monitor cameras in different locations, making it an useful and inexpensive security tool.

BroadCam Professional Features:

* Video and audio can be streamed live from a camera and microphone connected to the server.
* Broadcast any number of pre-recorded video files.
* Stream almost any video file format.
* Broadband and Dial-up streams are provided for your viewers.
* Add a watermark to your live video feeds.
* Camera output can stream video and jpg images (for lower bandwidth).
* Wide range of browsers can be used to view the output, including those on Mac and Linux systems.

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Broadcast live video on the Internet.

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  • BroadCam Streaming Video Server
  • 2.23
  • 05 Dec 11
  • NCH Software
  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
  • Shareware
  • 1.07 Mb
  • 817
  • $79.99
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2.23 05.12.2011 New features, unspecified bug fixes.

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