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What's CCExtractor?In short CCExtractor is a small program that processes MPEG 2 files and extracts closed captions data to generate subtitle files. CCExtractor is portable. Linux and Windows versions are included in the .zip (it's less than 230 Kb so everything comes in the same file) plus a build script for OSX.What? New versions? For real?Yes :-) I know I've been lazy lately, mostly because ccextractor 0.34 worked well for me. I got some reports that there were timing problems in some files (usually were VideoReDo was involved) but not samples.Anyway, around two months ago Volker Quetschke started submitting patches and reworking parts of the MPEG code. Also, a couple of users helped very actively by testing a new build every day, sending reports back, clips, etc.If this version doesn't work for you, please contact me. Just be ready to help - if you have patience I'll have patience :-)What's new in the last version?A Windows GUI! I don't claim it's the best GUI ever but it should do. There's a small window of time for GUI development, so go ahead and send your suggestions and bug reports as soon as possible.Note: The GUI requires the .NET runtime.What's the point of generating separate files for subtitles, if they are already in the source file?There are several reasons to have subtitles separated from the video file, including:- Closed captions never survive MPEG processing. If you take a MPEG file and encode it to any format (such as divx), your result file will not have closed captions. This means that if you want to keep the subtitles, you need to keep the original file. This is hardly practical if you are archiving HDTV shows for example.- Subtitles files are small - so small (around 250 Kb for a movie) that you can quickly download them, or email them, etc, in case you have a recording without subtitles.- Subtitles files are indexable: You can have a database with all your subtitles if you want (there are many available), so you can search the dialogs.- Subtitles files are a de-facto standard: Almost every player can use them. In fact, many setbox players accept subtitles files in .srt format - so you can have subtitles in your divx movies and not just in your original DVDs.- Closed captions are stored in many different formats by capture cards. Upgrading to a new card, if it comes with a new player, may mean that you can't use your previously recorded closed captions, even if the audio/video are fine.- Closed captions require a closed caption decoder. All US TV have one (it's a legal requirement), but no European TV does, since there are not closed captions in Europe (teletext is used instead). Basically this means that if you buy a DVD in the US which has closed captions but no DVD subtitles, you are out of luck. This is a problem with many (most) old TV shows DVDs, which only come with closed captions. DVD producers don't bother doing DVD subs, since it's another way to segment the market, same as with DVD regions.How I do use subtitles once they are in a separate file?CCExtractor generates files in the two most common formats: .srt (SubRip) and .smi (which is a Microsoft standard). Most players support at least .srt natively. You just need to name the .srt file as the file you want to play it with, for example sample.avi and kind of files can I extract closed captions from?CCExtractor currently handles:- DVDs.- Most HDTV captures (where you save the Transport Stream).- Captures where captions are recorded in bttv format. The number of cards that use this card is huge. My test samples came from a Hauppage PVR-250. You can check the complete list here.- DVR-MS (microsoft digital video recording).- Tivo filesUsually, if you record a TV show with your capture card and CCExtractor produces the expected result, it will work for your all recordings. If it doesn't, which means that your card uses a format CCExtractor can't handle, please contact me and we'll try to make it work.Can I edit the subtitles?.srt files are just text files, with time information (when subtitles are supposed to be shown and for how long) and some basic formatting (use italics, bold, etc). So you can edit them with any text editor. If you need to do serious editing (such as adjusting timing), you can use subtitle editing tools - there are many available. A good source for your video needs is CCExtractor generate other subtitles formats?At this time, CCExtractor can generate .srt, .smi and raw files.

What's CCExtractor?In short CCExtractor is a ...

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