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Record Music From Internet Radio Stations Through Audials Radio Tracker

Recording From Internet Radio Stations?
If you are whether there is software that will allow you to download music from live internet radio stations, then you will be amazed to know that it is absolutely possible for you to download any song that is played on any live internet radio station legally on to your computer legally with the help of Audials Radio tracker software. So, with  this software you  will not only be able to listen  to  your favorite internet radio stations live but will also be able to download any song of your choice that is being played in any genre just with the click of a mouse button. Audials Radio tracker software is the only one of its kind that will closely track thousands and thousands of music stations for your desired songs simultaneously. Audials Radio tracker is one of the most popular and in demand internet radio recording software in the present day.

Features To Die For

Easy Choice Of Music:
Audials Radio Tracker software is perhaps the only software that will provide you with discographies of about six hundred thousand artists. Also, choosing the songs of a particular album just got easy with Audials Radio Tracker software. All you need to do is to just click on the album and the software will start accumulating all the songs from the album for you from the over 60,000 radio stations that it has links with. For selecting and recording a single song, you will just need to point your mouse on the song and click and the song will be saved on to your hard disk in a jiffy.

Access To Large Music Collection:
Every individual artist, every single song and album and thousands and thousands of internet radio stations can all be easily accessed by the user of Audials Radio Tracker software with just a mouse click. As it monitors almost all the internet radio stations, finding out the targeted radio stations of the user will be easily achieved by the software. Just key in the genre, title, artist or album and Audials Audio tracker software will link you up with your desired song within a few seconds. Moreover, you will not be required to pay any subscription charges or any hidden charges to access millions and millions of songs available on the internet radio stations as this software is 100% free and legal software.

Quality Of Music And Perfect Radio Technology
As internet radio station mostly broadcast songs at 320 kb/sec, you will be able to get your mp3 music files that you  download from the radio stations with  the help of Audials Radio tracker software to be of similar quality to audio CD’s you buy at music shops or even slightly better quality. Moreover, Audials Radio tracker software has a unique feature of editing your targeted songs and normalizing all the downloaded songs at a uniform volume for sheer listening pleasure. Also, the song beginning and the ending of the song will be perfectly recorded with millisecond perfection and the radio talk that goes on pre or post song will be totally eliminated by the Audials Radio tracker software tool while recording the song.

Music Download and Much More:
Audials Radio tracker software will not only help you to find and download your favorite artist’s songs, but will also perfect your media collection with album network, ID3 tags as well as lyrics of your favorite songs. So, managing and proper sorting out of your music collection will not be a difficult task from now on with Audials Radio Tracker software. Also, Audials Radio tracker is so sophisticated that it will analyze your collection of music and songs in your wish list and will suggest you similar type of music that you can listen to and add on to your wish list. Moreover, you will be able to add the entire songs of a particular artist on to your wish list while you are listening to the artist’s song with the click of your mouse button.

Additional Features
• Audials Radio Tracker software provides you with facilities to watch the best music stations on your own player round the clock.
• Load a lot of audio and video podcast programs and episodes and enjoy the world of entertainment with the help of Audials Radio Tracker software.
• Enjoy the best of the media from anywhere you are with a Smartphone or any other device that can be connected to the internet. Audials Radio tracker will provide you access to music on the go straight from the clouds.

Excellent quality of music, perfect functioning of the podcast feature, easy access to the best of the music video channels and quick and fast track finding keeps Audials Radio tracker a touch above the rest of the players in the same field.

Audials Radio tracker will eat up a lot of your memory space and will cause huge memory drain while functioning. It has a very complicated interface that might put off a novice user.

Final Verdict
Apart from a few minor glitches, Audials Radio tracker software is the best software to have on your computer especially if you are interested in accessing to the millions and millions of songs that you listen on live internet radio stations all the time. With legal music download, different configuration options, automatic check up for updates and quick and fast download of desired songs, Audials radio tracker software is a must have for any serious music buff.

Publisher's Description

Record targeted MP3s. Enjoy any Radio Station, Music or Podcast anywhere

++Audials Radiotracker - At a Glance++
Player and recorder with over 100,000 Internet radio stations. Record targeted MP3 tracks via the wishlist. Automatic ID3 tagging, album artwork, lyrics. Audio editor. Music management with the Music Universe. Clouds. Podcasts. Music TV.

++The most popular Radio Player++
Radiotracker delivers the best and most radio stations thanks to the massive radio database, and sorts stations by genre, language, country, region and even artist. The preview function gives you live information on the music currently being played before you tune in, and recommendations to similar radio stations as well.

++The massive Selection: 20,000,000 MP3s & most recent Music Albums++
Radiotracker uses a one-of-kind technology to automatically and legally fulfill music wishes. Simply select artist, album or individual song and Radiotracker uses the Audials network to find the right radio station, automatically record the desired music and save the track as a private copy on your PC.

++Social News of Radio Stations and played artists++
With Audials Radiotracker you can access the social news from Facebook and Twitter of the radio station and artist that is currently being played.

++Perfect edited Music in Music-Shop Quality up to 320 kBit/s++
Radiotracker edits the song beginning and end, while also normalizing song volume automatically. Talk and commercials are removed.

++Bonus: Podcasts and Music TV++
Comprehensive directory with 360,000 international podcasts. Subscriptions monitor and automatically download new episodes. Shows can be played back directly. All major music TV stations.

Radio Player and recorder of 100,000 Radios. Radio Player and recorder of 100,000 Radios + records targeted music from radios of all songs from recent artists. Auto-Tagging ID3, Album Cover, lyrics. Music Organizer + Music Universe. Cloud Manager + Podcasts + Music TV ...

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  • Audials Radiotracker
  • 2019
  • 06 Sep 18
  • Audials AG
  • Win10, x64, Win10 x32, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther
  • Demo
  • 132.51 Mb
  • 1277
  • $24.90
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2018 12.10.2017 Database of international, national and local radio stations and 260,000 audio and video podcasts, receive music im MP3 by discovering it with the AI-supported Music Zoom
2017 20.10.2016 3,000,000 different artists, 1,450,000 albums, 12,000,000 songs from 100,000 internet radios. New User Interface with new Top Songs feature + latest Charts, improved search results, improved usability and quality, faster & easier recording
2016 21.09.2015 100,000 Internet Radios, Improved Wishlist Function, Radio Blacklisting, new artist directory, modernized tag editor, Duplicate manager, new radio tiles with detail page for more convenience, better overview for podcasts, improved Media Center, Auto-update function
12 24.09.2014 90,000 Internet Radios, Duplicate manager, new radio tiles with detail page for more convenience, better overview for podcasts, improved Media Center
11 04.11.2013 70,000 Internet Radios, Music Univers, Personal Media Cloud, Cloud-Manager, Improved Radio Streaming Recorder
9 28.11.2011 Video Streaming Recorder, TS File Converter, MKV File Converter, Internet Video Downloader

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