DebtPayoff v.1.2


DebtPayoff is an application which can help you pay off your debt a bit wiser if not quicker. I developed this tool out of a need myself to find out when, if ever, at the current rate, my credit card would be paid off. I discovered that at the current rate it would take far longer to pay off my debt than I had expected. Since this program is written in Java, it will run on Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP), Linux, Mac, Solaris and a great many other Operating Systems. With this program you can see: How many years/months it will take you to pay off your credit card The actual date the card will be paid off at the current rate A payment by payment breakdown of what you will spend How much will be spent on interest overall at that rate. You can also use this for other loans. For instance, I use it for my college loan. The hope is that by seeing how much overall you will save by paying an extra $10 or $20 per month, you will be greatly encouraged to pay the debt off that much faster. This application was written in 100% pure Java, so you will need to download suns Jave Runtime Environment(JRE).

DebtPayoff is an application which can help ...

  • DebtPayoff
  • 1.2
  • Aaron Redshaw
  • Any Platform
  • GPL
  • 17 Kb
  • 278

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