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All My Movies Software- The Best Personal Movie Organizer That You Can Ever Think Of

Organize Movie Collection
If you are a die hard movie fan and have a lot of collections of various genres of movies in your collection, then organizing this huge collection of movies will be a horrendous task for you. If you collection of movies is not organized, you will be finding it difficult to locate the particular movie that you are looking for in  your collection and you would also not know whether you have it in your collection or not. To make things simpler and organized, you can very well go for the All My Movies software which is an ideal tool that will help in organizing your entire movie collection very quickly and will provide you with a fast reference as well. All My Movie software catalogues video files, videodisks, Blu-rays, VHS tapes by automatically downloading motion picture details from internet movie databases and you will not be compelled to type even a single word to initiate the process. It would assist you to recognize how many movies you have in your collection and to maintain trail of the movies you have viewed and pen your personal opinions of them. The software besides allows you  with  the alternative to get motion picture and television series information automatically from online movie database as well as to mastermind flicks on your internal or external hard drives.

Salient Features Of All My Movies Software
All My Movies software package is a genuinely quick method to organize your movie accumulation. Cheers to popular internet movie databases internet sites, you will no more require typewriting in all the descriptions. As an alternative, you barely need to key the name or UPC encode of your video or videodisk, and All My Movies software tool will at once call back everything else from the cyberspace. Surfing and researching your accumulation using All My Movies tool is convenient, quick and entertaining. When you for the first time enroll a motion picture into the organization, All My Movies software package will mechanically download the box cover, presenting your solicitation in the similar fashion it appears on your shelf. All My Movies software provides a ready to hand method to demonstrate you what's in the package. Merely slip in a DVD into your computing machine, and All My Movies software will automatically catch frame shots and save them in the database for your future reference. All My Movies tool maintains tag of your videos with an all-powerful loan manager. It would permit you to register and search who took over a certain disk and prompt you about delinquent lenders. If you on a regular basis lend motion pictures from your collection, you will emphatically appraise this effective movie tracking feature. You are able to ascertain who has borrowed a certain motion picture and when it was took over, in addition to this you will know the history of the borrower. Some of the other prominent features of the software are:

• Broadened cast information. Automatic search for actor photographs, birthdays, filmography and life history.
• Easily import motion picture descriptions from online flick databases accessible in diverse languages
• Power to store your accumulation to mobile instruments such as PDA or Smartphone and  to play flicks instantly from the application program
• Quick motion picture hunt employing any of the database areas - title, director,   motion picture cast and genre,  film synopsis, and so forth
• Password protection of your motion picture database and with network mode characteristic you are able to share your database in your home network and get at it from a lot of computers at the same time.

Simple and easy to use, convenient cataloguing of your movie collection, multilingual movie organizing application and an easy to use loan manager feature are some of the characteristics that drive many people to use All My Movies software to organize their movie collection.

If at all you are in need for a good and easy to operate movie accumulation and organizing software, then All My Movies software should be the one that first comes to your mind.

Publisher's Description

Organize and track your movie collection.

As a serious movie collector, you might have hundreds of movies in your collection. As your collection grows, organizing your collection so that you always know whether you have a particular title gets more difficult.

There are products that promise to organize your entire collection for fast and easy reference. All you must do, they say, is enter every little detail about each movie you hand! You might be a movie fan, but is it really fun to spend hours and hours manually entering all the information about your movies?

All My Movies delivers what other products just promise: a really fast way to organize your collection. Thanks to online movie databases such as, you will no longer need to type in all the details. Instead, you just enter the name or UPC code of your video or DVD, and All My Movies will immediately retrieve everything else from the Internet.

Browsing and searching your collection with All My Movies is easy, fast and fun. When you first enter a movie into the system, All My Movies will automatically download the box cover, presenting your collection in the same way it looks on your shelf.

If you ever forget what's inside the movie, All My Movies offers a convenient way to show you what's in the box. Just insert a DVD into your computer, and All My Movies will automatically capture frame shots and store them in the database for your reference.

What if you remember that you had that DVD, but it's not on the shelf? Maybe someone borrowed the disk from you, but do you remember who? All My Movies keeps track of your videos with a powerful loan manager. It will allow you to record and look up who borrowed a particular disk and remind you about overdue loaners. If you regularly loan movies from your collection, you will definitely value these powerful tracking features. You will be able to see who has borrowed a particular movie and when it was borrowed, as well as the history of the borrower

Organize your movie collection and track loans with All My Movies. All My Movies delivers what other products just promise: a really fast way to organize your movies. Just enter movie name or UPC code, and get everything else from the Internet.

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  • All My Movies
  • 7.6
  • 07 Aug 13
  • Bolide Software
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005
  • Shareware
  • 12.67 Mb
  • 733
  • $39.95
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
6.5 27.07.2011 - added an ability to search cover images on - added Media Location field to the Movie Search dialog - added "Reset dialog" button to the Movie Search dialog - "Group movies by" view mode improved (tree updates)

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