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Record Everything (Game + PC screen) and save it as AVI, MP4 files.Bandicam is the best Game, Video, and Desktop Screen recording software. You can record WOW, Minecraft, iTunes, PowerPoint, Webcam, Skype, Video chatting, Streaming video and the desktop screen without lagging.

Bandicam compresses the video while recording and uses much lower CPU/GPU/RAM usage, and it fully supports the hardware accelerated h.264 encoder of Nvidia NVENC/CUDA, Intel Quick Sync video and AMD APP which allow video to be recorded in high speed, with a high compression ratio and excellent quality. As a result, it has less lag and you can save your HDD and CPU.

Bandicam displays FPS number in the corner of the screen while it is active in the 'DirectX/OpenGL window' mode. It also can record video at resolutions of up to 3840x2160 in high quality (2160P UHD video can be made) and your webcam stream will be simultaneously recorded and merged with the game / screen recording (Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video).

In addition, Bandicam supports a real-time drawing function which allows users to draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording the computer screen.

You can upload the recorded file to without converting because the recorded file size is much smaller than other software (1/5 ~ 1/20 video size).

Bandicam supports AVI 2.0, the maximum file size is unlimited as long as the local Hard Disk has free space available (Over 24 hours recording can be possible).

Furthermore, Bandicam, when in desktop recording mode, supports the real-time highlighting of the mouse cursor and mouse click effects, a feature which competing software lacks. When these mouse effects are used in conjunction with simple microphone recording, Bandicam is the ideal screen recorder for making tutorials.

Best Game, Video, Screen Recording Software. Bandicam is the best Game, Video, and Desktop recording software. It is high quality and you can upload the recorded file to without converting because the recorded file is much smaller than others. It also has much less Lag/CPU/HDD usage.

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  • Bandicam
  • 11 Aug 15
  • Bandisoft
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows2003, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows 8
  • Shareware
  • 12.16 Mb
  • 1535
  • $39.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 11.08.2015 1. Bandicam now supports the H.264 (CPU) encoder. - Everybody is able to use the software-based H.264 encoder. 2. Bandicam users are now able to upload the recorded video to directly. 3. Bug fixed - FPS could not be displayed in some DirectX 11 games on Windows 10. 06.07.2015 1. Bandicam now supports the CFR (Constant Frame Rate) option for Adobe Premiere. 2. An NVENC available window will pop up when Bandicam starts. 3. Improved the hooking compatibility with DirectX10 and DirectX11 games/programs (Toukiden: Kiwami, etc.) 06.05.2015 1. Bandicam now supports the webcam preview function in DirectX 8 games/programs. 2. Bandicam is now able to set the Webcam position precisely through Left/Right/Top/Bottom margins 3. Full screen recording and partial screen recording mode is switched when double-clicking on the rectangle window. 13.04.2015 1. Added the timer recording function: Bandicam is now able to automatically start and stop recording at a specific time. 2. Added the webcam preview function: Bandicam is now able to preview a webcam while recording in the DirectX/OpenGL window mode. 3. Fixed:The FPS limiter didn't work properly. 15.12.2014 1. The minimum recording space for recording has changed from 30MB to 50MB. 2. Improved a compatibility with Windows 10. 3. Bugs fixed - Some information of AVI files was displayed incorrectly in the Output tab. - MP4: Bandicam did not respond when the user recorded for a long time. - Others. 26.11.2014 1. Bandicam now supports a real-time drawing function while recording the computer screen. 2. Users can simultaneously draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording in the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode. 3. The recording target will be locked when the repeat image capture function is used. 14.10.2014 1. Bandicam now supports the .mp4 container. 2. Added support for the Media Foundation AAC encoder (Windows 7 or higher) 3. Added support for the AMD APP H.264 encoder (VCE) of AMD Embedded G-Series GPUs (HD 8330E/8310E/8400E/8280E) 4. The buffer size in the blocked process list has been doubled. 12.08.2014 1. Added support for the webcam PiP feature (Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video). - The webcam stream is recorded and merged within the main video. 2. Improved codec compatibility with the Nvidia NVENC H.264 encoder. 3. Improved accuracy of the FPS limit function. 01.07.2014 1. Improved the recording stability of DirectX 9 games. 2. Bugs fixed - The Simple/Extended UI was switched slowly. - Some DirectX 9 games had a delay problem when the recording start button was pressed. 27.05.2014 1. Applied new Bandicam UI design. 2. Added support for the Nvidia NVENC H.264 encoder. 3. Added a new preset (H.264, 60FPS for Nvidia NVENC). 4. Added a shortcut to Bandicut for editing without losing quality. 5. Added the auto start recording function. 9. Added support for multiple hotkeys. 23.04.2014 1. Bug fixed - Games using Directx 9 had a choppy/stuttering issue when SLI was enabled. 2. Other minor bugs fixed. 27.02.2014 1. Improved the recording performance of 'DirectX/OpenGL window' and 'Rectangle on a screen' capture. 2. Improved FPS recognition of 'DirectX/OpenGL window' game capture. 3. Added support for AVX2 instructions. 4. Bug fixed - Black screen problem in Call of Duty on some computers. 21.01.2014 Improved the compression ratio of H.264 Added an option to select the GPU device for CUDA captures. Fixed - Black screen problem Fixed - Some video files had a seeking problem when H.264 (AMD APP) was used. Fixed - Failed to recognize the H.264 (Quick Sync Video) encoder with dual monitors. 03.12.2013 1. Improved the recording performance of screen capture and DirectX 9, 10, and 11. 2. Improved the recording performance of H.264 (Intel QuickSync Video, AMD APP) encoder. 3. Added supports for H.264 (AMD APP) of Radeon R9/R7 series. 4. Improved FPS recognition of DirectX 11. 07.10.2013 1. Bandicam now supports AMD APP H.264 encoder. 2. Added FourCC code option (H264/X264) and Keyframe interval option for video editing (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere). 3. Improved FPS recognition of OpenGL (X-Plane 10, etc.) 4. Capture ability was improved in Metro 2033 01.08.2013 1. Bandicam now provides hardware accelerated h.264 encoder. - Nvidia CUDA H.264 encoder - Intel Quick Sync video H.264 encoder 2. Improved the recording ability of OpenGL. 3. Improved the recording performance of the Xvid encoder. 4. Added an optimization option in Xvid settings. 10.06.2013 1. Improved the recording ability for 60 FPS. 2. Improved the stability of DirectX 11 game recording. 3. Added option to set the recording priority. 4. Added new preset (Ultrafast setting for 60 FPS). 5. Added Croatian language file.

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