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Recording Anything From The Computer Is Easy With Audio Record Wizard

Record Real Time Sound
There may be many a time when you might stumble upon an important speech or a classic song that you heard when you were a kid while surfing the internet. You would love to have it captured on your computer to treasure it and to retrieve and listen to these not so regular audio files whenever you want to. You will be able to record these real time sounds that you listen on your computer instantly if you have Audio Record wizard software installed on your computer. With this software, you will be able to record anything and everything that you hear on the computer and can archive the same to listen it at anytime or to share it with your friends or family members. You will be able to easily record the sound file on to your computer and you will not be requiring any complicated procedure and task to perform in order to record any sound from your PC. Also, the Audio Recording Wizard software will work in sync with your sound card and hence the recorded sound or audio file will be at top most quality. You will also be able to record the music from any of the window applications like iTunes, real player, you tube, voice chats, games and so on.

Recording Any Audio
Apart from recording the sound from your computer, the Audio record Wizard software is also capable of recording sound from other external devices. If you have a collection of the old LP’s and tapes, then you can easily convert these old music files of yours into the latest MP3 version audio files with the help of Audio Record Wizard tool. Also, you will be able to record any voice messages, talks, children’s voices or live singing with your microphones and the software will easily capture these audio flies on to your computer. Some of the added features that makes Audio Record Wizard a must for every computer is that it can be scheduled to record any sound file coming online even if you are not fiddling with your computer and the software will help in converting your audio files from any source into wav, flac, mp3 or ogg formats. You will be able to add more elasticity to your recording options with command line mode. Also, you have the option of getting split recordings with voice activation system as well as file length limitation features.

Recording Audio Files From Computer
This is the best feature for which Audio Record Wizard is known for. This software will provide you with the option of recording difficult to convert special audio files into Mp3 format very easily. All you need to do is to just play the file on your computer and the Audio record Wizard software will take care of recording these special media files on to your computer hard disk. Also, all your favorite music video’s audio that comes on YouTube, Napster, Pandora and many other online websites can be easily captured by Audio Record Wizard software without a glitch. Apart from recording music, your online chat voice conversations, net meetings, conference meetings can all be easily recorded using this software for future use. There may be planet of funny sounds, ringtone sounds that you might come across when you browse internet sites. All these sounds can be instantly captured into an mp3 audio file with the help of Audio Record Wizard software.

Audio record Wizard software is simple, easy to use and quick audio recording software that has the ability to record anything that comes out of your speakers. All the features that are present in the software will provide the user to download any sound file that he likes either from the online media files or from external devices very easily.

The software is not equipped to detect the null audio streaming from online files and does not stop recording even after the song has finished and will keep on recording fro the entire file length.

Final Verdict
Anyone who is interested in a streaming audio recorder that has features of radio recording, voice recording and recording YouTube audio as well as nay sound that comes out of computer speakers must definitely get himself the Audio record wizard software.

Publisher's Description

NowSmart Studio has released the new version of Audio Record Wizard, a real time Windows sound recorder and playback program that is easy enough for novices to use, and powerful enough for professionals. Audio Record Wizard works directly with your sound card to create CD quality recordings from a microphone, stereo equipment, streamed audio, and from software such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, and RealPlayer.For the hobbyist, creating a recording is as easy as selecting a recording device, setting the recording quality and volume, and clicking the Record button. Whether you're using a microphone, a music playing program, or a line in feed from your stereo system or Walkman, Audio Record Wizard makes it easy to create a recording. If you have a fast computer and you're not running other CPU intensive programs, you can record a MP3 file directly to your hard drive. If you're using a more limited system, you can create a WAV file, and convert your recording to MP3 format later.Serious music lovers can use Audio Record Wizard's powerful options to fine tune their recording. You can select 11, 22, or 44 KHz sampling rates, and create 16 bit stereo or mono recordings. You can set the bit rate from 32k per second, which is ideal for creating tiny files of low quality voice recordings, to 320k per second, which is designed for the highest quality recording. The program supports variable bit rate (VBR) encoding of MP3 files. You can even set the program to skip silent passages, and stop recording after a user defined period of silence. Whether you're interested in recording high quality music, creating voice recordings for business associates, or sending personalized voice messages to your family and friends, Audio Record Wizard makes it easy to create high quality recordings.

This is a sound recorder with mp3/ogg support. Audio Record Wizard is a real time sound recorder software, which offers professional recording features with VAS(Voice Active System) and mp3/ogg support.

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  • Audio Record Wizard
  • 6.6
  • 12 Jun 12
  • NowSmart
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64
  • Shareware
  • 3.54 Mb
  • 640
  • $24.99
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Version Date Released Release Notes
5.4 10.09.2011 This is another maintenance release

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