MidiDrums v.1.0


MidiDrums 1.0 is a simple to use yet convenient program which brings users a software MIDI drum machine.Major Features:"Drum maps" describe the relationship between MIDI notes and percussive sounds generated by the output device. You can use one of the default maps or define your own, using XML. The XML format They use should be self-explaining for anyone who knows what they are talking about here. MidiDrums comes with "General MIDI", "Roland GS", "Yamaha XG" and "Yamaha Motif Rack ES" maps. As is the case with the Motif, a map can also define a MIDI initialization sequence for the target device.Each document can contain up to 40 patterns, each made of 1-8 quarter notes, each divided in 1-24 beats. A document can also define a single song, assembled with the available patterns. Documents are archived as XML files. Each document can refer to different devices and to a different drum map.Beats can have some "swing", i.e. a randomly applied time variation within a given percentage range. Each "event" has user defined probability and velocity ranges.MIDI files can be imported with reasonably successful results.Playback start, stop and pause, as well as the current mode, pattern and tempo can be controlled via MIDI control change messages.MidiDrums can act as a MIDI clock sync master.Requirements:Windows XP, Vista and 7.

MidiDrums 1.0 is a simple to use yet ...

  • MidiDrums
  • 1.0
  • Amedeo Farello
  • Windows XP , Vista
  • GPL
  • 1024 Kb
  • 914

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