TradeBullet v.1


TradeBullet is a multi-broker application that handles fully automated order routing to your broker from most charting software, MS Excel, Collective2 or any custom application.

Built on an industrial-strength framework, TradeBullet is blazing fast and can handle up to 20 orders per second. Whether you trade in multiple accounts simultaneously or use advanced order types including direct ECN routing, TradeBullet makes it simple and easy.

Orders are sent to TradeBullet by simple text files or email and are then routed to your broker for execution on the specified exchange. Regular trading software is not optimized to handle orders from trading systems; TradeBullet specializes in only that, and does it well.

TradeBullet currently supports Stocks and Futures.

Detailed Highlights:

* Simple: Designed for simplicity and ease of use. Just write the order to a text file or send it by e-mail and TradeBullet handles it from there.
* Safe: Duplicate order protection.
* Multiple Brokers: Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, Patsystems (J-Trader), MyTrack and TrackTrade.
* Better Connection: Auto-login and automatic reconnections to the broker.
* Multiple Accounts: Send orders to multiple accounts simultaneously.
* Advanced Simulator: Includes an advanced integrated simulator that allows you to execute simulated orders on live market data. Trade simultaneously on up to 99 simulation accounts!
* Powerful Order Types: Exchange routing, Close All Open Positions, Cancel All Open Orders, OCA Groups and end of day maintenance (open orders cancellation and open positions close).
* Collective2 automation: Fully automated trading of Collective2 systems.
* TradeStation automation: Fully automated trading of TradeStation strategies - Coming soon.

Supported applications:

* AmiBroker
* Collective2
* eSignal
* Medved QuoteTracker
* MetaStock
* TradeStation
* Wealth-Lab
* And all applications that can send e-mails or write to text files.

TradeBullet is a multi-broker application that ... TradeBullet is a multi-broker automated execution platform that handles fully automated order routing to your broker from TradeStation 2000i, TradeStation 8, MS Excel, most charting software or any custom application.

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