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Timetable is a small timetable generation system, or resource allocation system, designed for use in Schools, Colleges or even Universities.

It consists of two programs, TInput.exe which allows you to configure Units, Courses, Locations, Staff and Students, and TimeGen.exe, which creates a timetable.

Units (or subjects) are the basis of the system, with Courses being able to have core units which allow easy application to Students.

Students are assigned Units, and Staff can teach Units.

The generation process involves processing every unit, one at a time, and finding a location that has the capacity to hold the number of students doing that unit. If there isn't, the unit will be split in two (or however many segments are needed to fit the students in). When a location has been found, a Staff member is found who can teach that unit. The system then checks every location, student doing that unit and the staff member for every period during the week to find a free one hour slot that everyone is free for.

When this is done, the next unit is processed.

Units need to have a unique Unit Code, Locations need to have a unique Code, Staff need to have a unique ID number and Students need to have a unique ID number.

Timetables can be shown on-screen by any category, and printed, saved to HTML or emailed out.

Timetable is a small timetable generation ...

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