XP Medic v.4.2


XP Medic is a custom engineered software application designed to troubleshoot the Windows XP operating system. Microsofts XP version offers many upgrades and improvements over prior versions, but is nearly 5 years old and in computer time, this makes it very much out of date with todays faster applications and processes. ( Windows XP was released October 25th, 2001 ) Through the continual installation of programs as well as the data files that are created on your system from even light regular use, the XP system is vulnerable to errors in its own computing process. Over time, these errors compound to the point where the computer operates much slower and starts to do irregular things such as crashing, losing files and showing continual error messages. Ultimately, programs will not work, and the users experience becomes more and more frustrating. Engineering a Customer Software Solution XP Medic was created to answer the need for an application that could diagnose as well as repair the 10s of thousands of errors that can occur in the Windows XP operating system. Rather than trying to create an application that was for general use on all systems and computers, our engineers determined that the only way to create a truly effective automated troubleshooting program was to custom tailor it to the XP system - It stands to reason that a program designed to work on Windows 98 which was designed in 1996, could not be just as effective for an operating system created a decade later ? XP Medic is the result of nearly two years of engineering focus. The XP Medic program goes far beyond any similar program, not only repairing errors safely and quickly, but also dramatically improving system performance through a large tool box of optimization tools. We invite you to take XP Medic for a test drive and download the software for free. It will trouble shoot your entire XP operating system and will show you exactly where any errors are as well as sho

XP Medic is a custom engineered software ...

  • XP Medic
  • 4.2
  • DeskSoft
  • Windows XP
  • Shareware
  • 1.14 Mb
  • 199
  • $29.95

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