Restoration v.3.2.13


Restoration is a free toll which can restore files which are deleted from the recycle bin or deleted while holding down the Shift key by mistakeConversely, Restoration, has another function that makes it almost impossible to restore all deleted files.You can use it after deletion of confidential documents, embarrassing files and so on.You don't have to install it, so it doesn't leave any garbage in the PC.(You can also run it from a floppy disk.)Even if a file seems to be restored, there is no guarantee that the contents are correct.After you run the program, please check the files.You can probably restore it correctly if the drive has enough free space and if it's just after deletion.If you restore a folder, there is no guarantee that all files orfolders which used to belong to the folder will be in it.If you can't find them in it, please search and restore them one by one.If you still can't find them, it's impossible to restore them.It will be almost impossible to restore any deleted files if you run the complete deletion function.To be exact, fragments of deleted files can be in last clusters of existing files or allocated and unwritten files.(Note that this function is not suitable for TOP SECRET information.)Even if you find the information of completely deleted files, their contents must be erased.If you want to erase the information too, please run the function again.When you use the restoration function, I don't think you will encounter any damage due to bugs, since the function doesn't write anything to physical sectors.However, the complete deletion function replaces physical sectors.Therefore, I confirmed that it worked without any problems by testing many times.As there is a rare possibility of damage or loss, please run the function at your own risk.

Restoration is a free toll which can restore ...

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  • Restoration
  • 3.2.13
  • Brian Kato
  • Win NT 4.x, XP, 2000, 2003, CE
  • Freeware
  • 163 Kb
  • 169
  • Free

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