MetaClip v.2 Pre-Alpha


MetaClip is a handy and reliable clipboard content archiving tool designed to store, organize and restore Windows clipboard contents, including complex formatted textual content, images and other data formats, in portable file-system based libraries for future reuse.

MetaClip's ClipManager's current pre-alpha build uses binary serialization to store clipboard content, related metadata, and clipboard object formatting specifications to a custom file format using the '.clpx' extension. The '.clpx' file format encapsulates a collection of the active clipboard objects and all the formatting data and metadata necessary to restore them to the clipboard.

The current build includes the ClipManager library (.DLL) which provides the basic serialization functionality, a simple state-driven application and GUI loosely following the MVVM design pattern, with views defined in WPF XAML classes and view models injected by a Unity-derived bootstrapper into a dependency injection container at start-up.

The MetaClip application is in the early stages of design/development, but the current build more or less fulfills all the basic functions you'd expect, only without robust exception handling or sufficient abstraction/modularity in some areas. Specifically, the current build provides the ability to permanently store and retrieve Windows clipboard contents in a portable (.clpx) file format, functionality for classifying and filtering quick access to stored clips, and options for exporting and modifying the locations of file system-based clip libraries.

MetaClip is a handy and reliable clipboard ...

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  • 06 May 12
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