Hard Drive Powerwash v.1.0


Hard Drive Powerwash 1.0 is a useful and easy to use utility that enables its users to remove file clutter from their systems quickly and easily. What is file clutter? File Clutter generally refers to files created by programs for temporary use. Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and others routinely save the content of every page they visit. Including images, text, script, cookies among others. In fact most Windows software create temporary files that are no longer needed but often not removed. Performance: In simple terms, Windows maintains a list of all files on the hard drives, the longer the list, the longer it takes to access the files they need. This directly affects the computers speed. Privacy: Another aspect to consider is privacy. Everything they do on the computers is stored in these files. By removing this clutter they in effect protect the privacy.Major Features:Feature Overview Hard Disk Cleaning:Very fast temporary files search engineCleaning all temporary foldersUndo function by using the Recycle BinConfigurable exceptions listDrive selection to search on any re-writable mediaFeature to select what files with what extensions can be deletedFeature Overview Internet Cleaning:Manual Washer to check and remove if necessary what will be deletedDelete list of visited websites (History)Delete list of web addresses you entered in the address bar (Typed URLS)Delete marks set by websites to remember you (Cookies)Very fast surf tracks search engineFeature Overview Registry Cleaning*:Search for unnecessary Registry entries on default places (like RunMRU)Search for links to programs and files that do not exist anymoreSearch for connections to old fonts that are no longer installed on your systemAll changes are logged in a Registry file that allows you to undo the changesFeature Overview Wizards*:Drive Analyzer: Analyze and find out where your disk space has gone!File Seeker: Never waste your time for searching data anymore!File Eraser: Erase files completely so that they can never be recovered again!Duplicate Finder: Find identical files on your computer or on external drives!Feature Overview other features:Easy-to-use interfaceOne-view statistics how much disk space was recovered last time and since the program was installedComplete statistics logging each system clean that was made with the program including time, date and data sizeScheduler to decide how often you want to start a searching process automaticallyVery low system resources requiredAnd much more!

Hard Drive Powerwash 1.0 is a useful and easy ...

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  • Hard Drive Powerwash
  • 1.0
  • 1-abc
  • Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Wind
  • Freeware
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