BackupBuddyVFS Professional v.4.2


BackupBuddyVFS Professional 4.2 is regarded as a convenient and professional program which works with organizers to support the Virtual File System (VFS), such as Handspring Treo Series, Palm Tungsten and Zire Series, and the Sony Clie devices.You can use BackupBuddyVFS on almost any Palm OS device with a memory card. With BackupBuddyVFS installed on your organizer, you can effortlessly backup your organizer's critical files to the Sony Clie's Memory Stick, or to Secure Digital, or MultiMedia expansion cards for Palm organizers.In case of loss of data, you can then use BackupBuddyVFS to restore your organizer's data from the expansion card. As a result, you no longer need to wait until you have access to your Hotsync cradle or a modem to back up or restore your data. BackupBuddyVFS provides you with peace of mind when you are on the road - effortless mobile backups and restores from the company that thousands of users trust every day with their most valuable data.Major Features:One-touch lightning-fast incremental backup and restore of files to and from an expansion cardsContinuous backup allows you to keep your important files continously backed up as you use your device. For example, if you add an entry to your Address Book and switch away or power off your device, the file will be backed up immediately.Tree-View makes it easier for you to identify which files you'd like to backup and restore.Zip Compression of backup files saves space on your expansion cards, zip format allows you to access the files directly on your PC.Auto Backup on Low Battery backs up your device when the battery level is getting critcalAuto or Manual Checkpoints allows you automatically keep multiple backup sets on your expansion cardsSecure backups with optional encryption of backup filesArchiving feature keeps copies of files deleted from the organizer on your expansion card so you can easily locate and reinstalled them if needed (NEW!) (Note: advanced preference only)Multiple device/users are able to backup to the same expansion card (Note: provided their HotSync IDs are distinct)Customize what is backed up or restoredSchedule a time every day when BackupBuddyVFS will backup your organizer. You can also set it to backup if you haven't hotsynced in an amount of time of your choosing or auto backup after hotsyncPower-off backups allow you to backup every time you power off your organizerTreo 5-Way support throughout means you never have to use the stylus with BackupBuddyVFSEnhancements: Adds verification of Zip-based backups to make backups even more reliable as it now is able to make sure that the data written to your backup card matches exactly what was on your device.Requirements: Palm OS 4.x/5.x, SD Memory card Palm OS 4.x/5.x, SD Memory card.

BackupBuddyVFS Professional 4.2 is regarded as ...

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  • BackupBuddyVFS Professional
  • 4.2
  • Blue Nomad, LLC.
  • Palm OS 4.x, Palm OS 5.x
  • Trial
  • 579 Kb
  • 115
  • $24.95

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