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Windows network USB storage data theft monitoring software allows users to capture, store and view the behavior of multiple USB drives with system name and IP address. USB drive data theft blocker notifies you on connecting memory stick, pen, flash drive etc to the client system. USB data leakage prevention tool prevents your local area network LAN from unauthorized access of mobile phones, pen drive, Pocket PCs, iPods, USB flash cards, USB video players, USB mp3 players, USB audio players, USB hard disks, USB cameras and other portable storage devices. USB device monitoring tool facilitates you to watch out data transfer from storage media to computer or computer system to USB drive. Windows network anti data theft protection tool save connected mass storage media activities, connection / removal date and time, read/write/delete file operation, manufactures name, hardware ID, storage capacity with IP address, machine name and some other information into the log file at any user specified location in text or html even system is not connected to server. LAN USB drive disabler software notifies you even when network cable is not connected to the client system during data transfer process.Features: * There is no need of technical knowledge to operate it because of its user friendly GUI facility with inbuilt help option. * Notify users even when pen drive, memory stick, flash cards etc are connected to the system. * USB drive data theft blocker software is capable to analyze multiple USB port activities in the real time. * Generates reports in text or html format and saved them into user specified location. * USB drive disabling software allows you to enable or disable various access permission of client machine USB port.* Notifies you even if network cable is not connected during data transfer.

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  • USB Drive Data Theft Blocker
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