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The Networking Assistant is a multi-purpose utility for assisting with basic networking tasks. Its three major functions include: * Bandwidth Calculator - Calculate bandwidth or time required for a file transfer * IP Calculator - Calculate Network, Subnet, and Node numbers and addresses * Password Generator - Generate random passwordsTo use any of these functions, launch the NWAssistant.exe file, and select the appropriate tab. Here is a quick overview of how to use each:Bandwidth Calculator bandwidth calculator makes calculations based on any two of bandwidth, file size, and transfer time. To calculate any value, you must fill in the other two values: 1. Select the desired units in the drop-down box on the right. 2. Enter the appropriate value in the edit box in the middle. 3. Click on the button for the value to calculate.Below each value you will see a range of values based on the tolerance setting in the lower right corner of the window.Some predefined bandwidth values are available in the drop-down list on the far right of the 'bandwidth' settings. Clicking on a connection type will set its value for the bandwidth setting in the units you have selected.IP Calculator by entering any valid IP address in the space provided. Next you can either select the slashed subnet setting, or select the subnet mask below. Selecting either of these will change the setting of the other.Once these values have been selected Network Assistant will calculate all appropriate information and fill in the appropriate fields for you.Password Generator password generator utility will automatically generate passwords for you using the parameters specified. First, select the size of the resulting passwords under "Password Length." You can set both minimum and maximum values.Next, "Check" each of the available character types that you wish to appear in the resulting passwords. Once checked, set the minimum and maximum number of that type of character in the Min and Max boxes at right.If you wish to include "Other" characters you can specify which characters are used by entering them into the edit box next to the "Other" setting.Select the pronounceability of the resulting passwords. By default the password generator only includes passwords which follow a basic set of rules for English words, though the passwords generated will most likely not be real English words. To increase password security, this option can be changed to either exclude pronounceable passwords or ignore the pronounceability completely.Select the number of passwords to generate under the "#" setting, and click the "Generate" button. The resulting passwords will be shown in the list box at right, with the different types of characters shown in the colors indicated in above to assist in determining what characters are actually being used (this way, a lower case l is not confused with the number 1, etc.) Double-clicking on a password copies it to the system clipboard. You can save the list of passwords to a text file by clicking on the "Save List" button.

The Networking Assistant is a multi-purpose ...

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