HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond v.2.2011.5.0


Modules: Cluster, Complete monitoring of all resources in a Windows Cluster environment Database Check, Check by standard query, or own supplied query the status of you're databases Diskspace, Check free diskspace and get notified if thresholds are reached DFS & Replication, Check Distributed File System and if the supplied DFS is replicated correctly to all destinations Eventlog, Check Windows Eventlog and get notified if errors, warnings etc are logged. Get automatically a full description what the logged message means, the severity and what you should do to solve the possible problem, or prevent system failure GlobalHealth, Check a variety of Windows performance parameters like CPU Utilization, Memory, Hard disk IO, Network IO etc Logfiles, Check logfiles (mostly textbased) for keywords supplied (like error, warning, fatal etc) and get notified if such a message is logged to the supplied logfiles Netlogon replication, check Active Directory health, for example replication, trusts etc. Ping, good old TCP/IP check if device is reachable over the network Printservers, check Windows printserver and get notified if a printer is offline, needs toner etc etc ProcessChecker, check if a given process is running and is in a healthy state SNMP traps, receive snmp traps of every device capable of sending it. Services & Devices, check windows services & devices are running and in a healthy state SysLog, receive syslog messages (e.g. from a unix or linux system) TaskScheduler, check scheduled tasks, if task is correctly scheduled and in a healthy state Timedifference, check the time on e.g. you're domain controllers to check if they are in sync. Very important for certain authentication methods like kerberos. TNSPing, check Oracle server listener if it's up and running correctly UrlChecker, check given url (e.q. homepage on you're local network, or interne

Modules: Cluster, Complete monitoring of all ...

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  • HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond
  • 2.2011.5.0
  • 08 Jun 12
  • Handle-iT
  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64
  • Freeware
  • 6.29 Mb
  • 300
  • Free

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