Plain Text Log Converter


Plain Text Log Converter is a free yet flexible XSLT stylesheet which lets you convert a Colloquy log into the equivalent plain text. Run it from the command line with the xsltproc utility, such as xsltproc plaintext.xsl mycolloquylog.xml.By default it will use a timestamp and pad the nicks out with spaces so they line up. If you pass in the parameter nickLength with a number, it will truncate all nicks to that length (and pad out shorter ones). Passing 0 will mean do no padding or truncation. If you pass in the parameter hideTimestamp with the value "yes" (case-sensitive) then the timestamps will be hidden. To do either of these, use xsltproc --param nickLength 8 --param hideTimestamp yes plaintext.xsl mycolloquylog.xml.

Plain Text Log Converter is a free yet ...

  • Plain Text Log Converter
  • Adam Milam
  • Mac OS X
  • Freeware
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