Pam_usb for Linux v.0.5.0


pam_usb provides hardware authentication for Linux using ordinary USB Flash Drives.It works with any application supporting PAM, such as su, any login manager (GDM, KDM), etc. The pam_usb package contains: A PAM Module Password-less authentication. Use your USB stick for authentication, don't type passwords anymore. Device auto probing.You don't need to mount the device, or even to configure the device location (sda1, sdb1, etc). will automatically locate the device using UDisks (HAL was used before 0.5.0) and access its data by itself. Two-factor authentication. Achieve greater security by requiring both the USB stick and the password to authenticate the user. Non-intrusive. pam_usb doesn't require any modifications of the USB storage device to work (no additional partitions required). USB Serial number, model and vendor verification. Support for One Time Pads authentication. You can use the same device accross multiple machines. Support for all kind of removable devices (SD, MMC, etc).

pam_usb provides hardware authentication for ...

  • Pam_usb for Linux
  • 0.5.0
  • aluzzardi
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 30 Kb
  • 147
  • Free

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