myINFOSAFE is a PC software application that helps you organize & protect your personal information.Features In the information age we have to manage more and more information. When was the last time you needed a piece of information and had to go hunting for it, in your filing cabinet at home, your shoebox, on one of your PCd-deOaos, your back up disks, an old diary ..... It might be a password or user ID for a website, Financial details on how much you are paying for insurance When you bought that appliance and if it is still under warranty The date and details of an operation you had when you are completing your health insurance application Finding that piece of information can be frustrating and time consuming very often. Like you, there are millions of people all over the world grappling with issues like this all the time.So there was a need to provide a solution for this and address this problem space in the market.The solution: So how can myINFOSAFE help?myINFOSAFE is a secure Digital Vault you run on your PC to store all your personal information. Think of it as a personal data warehouse.You can store information on your finances and investments, your health, your assets and a range of other information, but also documents, pictures, videos and more,When you use it you can Easily find the information you are looking for Know that it is safe. All information stored in myINFOSAFE is encrypted to keep it secure (192 bit encryption) You can take it with you when you travel Your information is all in one place for your loved ones or advisor in case of need Use the features that add value to you and hide the ones that you dond-deOaot wish to use now. Save money as you can better manage your assets, your finances and insurance. Maintain a digital record of your life as you enter more and more information. You will value this, and ultimately will assist your loved ones manage your estate and remember your life.

myINFOSAFE is a PC software application that ...

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