MacDiveLog v.1.2.1


MacDiveLog is a scuba diving logbook for the Mac. It allows you to record key information about each of your dives, such as site name, buddy, dive operator, weather, and notes. Profile data can be downloaded from Suunto dive computers. The profile display includes temperature and surface air consumption graphs, and will display the nitrogen compartment loading (using the Buhlmann method) for any point during the dive. You may also attach pictures to each dive. This version can import from all current Suunto computers including the D9, D6, and D3. It can also import data in a variety of formats including those used by Suunto"s Windows software. Future versions of DiveLog will support other brands of dive computers as well. Main features: - Keeps a logbook of key information about each of your dives - Downloads profile information from your Suunto dive computer - Computes your equivalent surface air consumption rate for each dive, as well as displaying tissue compartment saturation levels and NDLs for each point during a dive. - Keeps track of your dive gear and reminds you when it is due for service - Organizes pictures relating to each dive and can present slide shows - Can print out information in a format suitable for adding to loose-leaf log books from PADI and SSI - Can import data from Suunto Dive Manager for the PC (versions 1 or 2) - Self-contained program written in Java - does not modify your system or load any additional libraries. Version restrictions: - 30 days trial. Enhancements: - Added support for the Suunto D9 & D6 dive computers - Universal binary - Graphing of air usage and temperature - Display of nitrogen loading in theoretical tissue compartments - German & Spanish localization - Additional import and export formats.

MacDiveLog is a scuba diving logbook for the ...

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