Juggle Mouse v.1.2.1


Juggle Mouse: add a mouse trail to your PC.With Juggle Mouse, enhance your cursor by adding a small trail under it, and enjoy a unique personalization utility! * Decorative and eye-candy You will become addicted to Juggle Mouse after just a few minutes of usage. It will add a colorful and decorative touch to your computer: Juggle Mouse is very cool to look at, but what is funnier is that you interact with it by moving the mouse! Because Juggle Mouse is built on a modular architecture which allows you to choose different themes that you can download or even create yourself, you'll never get bored by it. * Cool visual effects Who said translucent effects were only good for games? With Juggle Mouse, you can set your mouse trail to be translucent; you'll actually be able to see behind it! It creates a magical effect that looks a little like glass. Juggle Mouse also features other astonishing visual effects that are all fully configurable. * Small memory & CPU footprint Juggle Mouse is a rock-solid software that will never crash on your computer, but more than that, it requires very little resources to run: less than 2Mb of RAM and very low CPU usage. Because we believe that a decoration utility is here to decorate, not to hog your PC, you'll be able to use Juggle Mouse on your computer without slowdowns in all application. * Create your own themes Enjoying and playing with great themes is a good thing. But wouldn't you also like to build your own themes? With Juggle Mouse, it is as easy as launching the Theme Builder, selecting the images and clicking "Build"! You'll even be able to submit us your theme for inclusion in our Theme Gallery. * And much more More fun features await you in Juggle Mouse, so why don't you download it now?

Juggle Mouse: add a mouse trail to your ... With Juggle Mouse, enhance your cursor by adding a small trail under it, and enjoy a unique personalization utility!

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