Expert System Designer v.2.1


Expert System Designer is an integrated development environment, purely written in Java, each project having one or more CLIPS/JESS source files. The Project Browser component allows you to you visualize a project both in file-based and entity-based views. The file-based view displays all the CLIPS/JESS source files of your project, allowing you to easily add/edit/delete them. All entities (rules, templates, global variables etc) defined in all the source files of your project are displayed in a type-based manner in the EntitiesPanel panel. Code Editor is a powerful, customizable, multi-windowed code-editing component helping you to easily edit multiple CLIPS/JESS source files. It has syntax coloring facilities, can undo/redo your actions, and automatically update the EntitiesPanel while you type your code. Expert System Designer has intuitive wizards for adding/modifying CLIPS/JESS constructs in your system. By using the EditorAssistant component you can edit the rules actions (the functions or deffactss body) in a graphical-visual mode. Expert System Designer has an integrated debugger that let you execute your system in a rule-by-rule manner, step into a rule execution, display Agenda and fact-list windows, track the systems evolution or inspect the local/global variables. Using the TraceViewer you will be able to visualize the history of rule execution along with each firing-context and to discover the time-consuming rules or frequently fired rules.

Expert System Designer is an integrated ...

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