Entourage Quick Project v.1.0


Entourage Quick Project lets you create a Project which can then be linked to email, notes, contacts, or just about anything else in your system. It will even create special watch folders in order to hold your project files. You can set Project deadlines and track your progress through a series of panels and custom views. And if you are clever with Applescript, you can generate activity reports that answer the question So what’,s the status on this? (More on that later). But the system has an Achilles Heal, and it’,s a big one. In order to actually create a project, the user is forced to work through a series of 4 screens worth of hair-pulling Q&A in the Entourage Project Wizard - each of which, with multiple options! Now if you only ever plan to create 3 projects in your life, this is no big deal. But if your workflow is based on something more dynamic (say GTD, for example), this just doesn’,t work. I present you with two options. You can take the Blue Pill, launch your computer out that 3-story window you’,ve been eyeing, and go back to paper. Or you can take the Red Pill and download this nifty applescript, which lets you create a project at the touch of a button!

Entourage Quick Project lets you create a ...

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  • Entourage Quick Project
  • 1.0
  • Adam Sneller
  • MAC OS X 10.4 or later
  • Freeware
  • 2 Kb
  • 150
  • Free

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