Encryptron v.1.0


First of all, let us understand the need for an encryption software. Just think of you sending a message of extreme confidentiality, someone else fetches it and goes through it. A breach in the security! We cana€™t allow that to happen. So, virtually every data send over a network is encrypted now-a-days.

Leta€™s look at this now:

Vdmbnld!`f`ho !Sdutsohof!whrhunsr!`oe!bnedsr-!une`x!H&l!fnhof!un!rinv!xnt!`o!houdsdruhof!unqhb!ui`u!hr-!inv!un!qsdq`sd!`o!dobsxquhno!rnguv`sd!trhof!Ba€?!5/1!`oe!Vhoenvr!Gnslr/ Qsdsdpthrhudr!; 0/!Lhbsnrngu!Whrt`m!Rutehn/!)

This is absolute fuzzy mess! Thata€™s a€?encryptiona€™ according to my software. Now feed this data back in the software you get usual form the plain English language.
Put the same software at both terminals it may help in encoding and deciphering simultaneously

First of all, let us understand the need for ...

  • Encryptron
  • 1.0
  • Windows; Linux
  • Freeware
  • 452 Kb
  • 87
  • Free

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