COMODO BOClean Anti-Malware v.


BOClean Anti-Malware software will protect you against a full spectrum of malware.BOClean Anti-Malware will run automatically in the background without interfering with your work and kills malwares INSTANTLY the moment they activate without giving them the chance to invade your machine.BOClean Anti-Malware will also eliminate the need to stop what you're doing to secure your machine after it's too late. BOClean requires no technical skills and handles detection, removal and repair of your system automatically.BOClean Anti-Malware software will protect you against a full spectrum of malware,and will automatically remove these programs from memory, your hard disk and your registry without the need to reboot or drop your internet connection.BOClean Anti-Malware safely neutralizes these threats instantly without any risk of damage to your files or computer. BOClean will SAFELY remove malware without the need to reformat and reinstall the operating system as has been recommended by some "security experts."BOClean Anti-Malware was designed for both single user and network scenarios and can be customized for any network or institutional situation. It can be run continuously as a background application to watch and wait for malware to appear (recommended) or it can be configured to run once, permitting manual scans (not recommended) from a desktop icon.BOClean Anti-Malware was designed to run quietly without intrusion if no malware "attack" exists and will scan through any suspicious files with signature analysis to preclude false alarms or possible damage to valid configurations.Here are some key features of "COMODO BOClean Anti Malware":dlTE Destroys malware and removes registry entriesdlTE Does not require a reboot to remove all tracesdlTE Disconnects the threat without disconnecting youdlTE Generates optional report and safe copy of evidencedlTE Automatically sweeps and detects INSTANTLY in the backgrounddlTE Configurable "Stealth mode" completely hides BOClean from usersdlTE Optional central administration prevents user tamperingdlTE Protects itself from malware tampering or shutdowndlTE Support by Privacy Software Corporation at no chargedlTE FREE daily malware database updates from our web sitedlTE Update file can be shared/pushed on a server for easy maintenancedlTE Full spectrum malware coverage and protection

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