Transition v.


Transition is a lightweight program for moving files automatically from A to B. Using less than 10 megabytes of memory, you won't even notice it is running. If you are tired of moving files of the same type over and over again; this is the perfect software for you. It is still in beta, but should be stable enough for everyday use.

Key features
- Moving files from source to destination as often as you want.
- Specifying how often you want to check for changes in source.
Perfect if you move files over your local network.
- If files are used by other programs, and you have specified to move
the file, it will copy to destination, and be moved when possible.
- Set a filter for which files in a folder you want to move. By doing this,
you can sort your files. Never experience clutter in your folders again.
- Gives you a wink when a update of Transition is ready.

Transition is a lightweight program for moving ...

file mover, file management, move document, mover, move, manager

  • Transition
  • 06 Jul 12
  • Aleksander Sjafjell
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Freeware
  • 272
  • Free

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