Simple Text Encoding Converter v.1.0


Simple Text Encoding Converter is a really simple utility that is able to interpret all text encoding supported by the Frameword dotNET and allow to convert a text file from one encoding to antother.It allow to convert files one by one or by folders. This utility is really usefull when you need to convert text file generated into Windows environments to a format allowing special caracters like UTF-8 or Unicode. Supported encodings: Common Name [IANA Name] IBM EBCDIC (EU-Canada) [IBM037] OEM tats-Unis [IBM437] IBM EBCDIC (International) [IBM500] Arabe (ASMO 708) [ASMO-708] Arabe (DOS) [DOS-720] Grec (DOS) [ibm737] Baltique (DOS) [ibm775] Europe de l'Ouest (DOS) [ibm850] Europe centrale (DOS) [ibm852] OEM Cyrillique [IBM855] Turc (DOS) [ibm857] OEM Multilingue Latin I [IBM00858] Portugais (DOS) [IBM860] Islandais (DOS) [ibm861] H breu (DOS) [DOS-862] Fran ais canadien (DOS) [IBM863] Arabe (864) [IBM864] Nordique (DOS) [IBM865] Cyrillique (DOS) [cp866] Grec moderne (DOS) [ibm869] IBM EBCDIC (Multilingue Latin-2) [IBM870] Tha (Windows) [windows-874] IBM EBCDIC (Grec moderne) [cp875] Japonais (Shift-JIS) [shift_jis] Chinois simplifi (GB2312) [gb2312] Cor en [ks_c_5601-1987] Chinois traditionnel (Big5) [big5] IBM EBCDIC (Turc Latin-5) [IBM1026] IBM Latin-1 [IBM01047] IBM EBCDIC (EU-Canada-Euro) [IBM01140] IBM EBCDIC (Allemagne-Euro) [IBM01141] IBM EBCDIC (Danemark-Norv ge-Euro) [IBM01142] IBM EBCDIC (Finlande-Su de-Euro) [IBM01143] IBM EBCDIC (Italie-Euro) [IBM01144] IBM EBCDIC (Espagne-Euro) [IBM01145] IBM EBCDIC (RU-Euro) [IBM01146] IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro) [IBM01147] IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro) [IBM01148] IBM EBCDIC (Islandais-Euro) [IBM01149] Unicode [utf-16] Unicode (Big-Endian) [unicodeFFFE] Europe centrale (Windows) [windows-1250] Cyrillique (Windows) [windows-1251] Europe de l'Ouest (Windows) [Windows-1252] Grec (Windows) [windows-1253] Turc (Windows) [windows-1254] H breu (Windows) [windows-1255]

Simple Text Encoding Converter is a really ... Simple Text Encoding Converter is a simple soft that convert text file encoding ...

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  • Simple Text Encoding Converter
  • 1.0
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  • Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Win Vista
  • Shareware
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