InSight Desktop Search v.


InSight offers quick and easy way to search for files stored anywhere in your pc's hard drive, right from your desktop.Gives you the power to perform a full-text search on your pc's files and displays the results instantly.InSight also offers additional features like preview and search filters, that enhance your overall desktop experience.Key features include:-Dynamic listing of results while performing a search.Quick Preview that provides information about the content of the files.(like id3 information in case of mp3 files,Video codec etc)Fast drive indexing speeds.(takes about 2-3 minutes to index a drive with 144000 files)A sub search that allows one to filter out the search results as per his needs.Automatically updates the indexes whenever a file or a folder is created,moved or deleted.

InSight offers quick and easy way to search ...

drive search, file search, desktop search, search

  • InSight Desktop Search
  • Pranav Kapoor
  • Win XP, 2003, Vista
  • Freeware
  • 1.5 Mb
  • 202
  • Free

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