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Not only that but it also enables you to track changes to files and to see how files change over time, as well as being able to view previous versions of a file and rollback changes. * Synchronise files across multiple computers * Track changes to files * Access previous revisions of filesIf you have ever changed a file accidentally or wanted to synchronise two computers, or just to back up your files with the minimum of fuss then FileBank is for you!To find out more about FileBank please visit our pre-sales area to discover the benefits and features of FileBank for sharing and protecting your files.Software developers can think of FileBank as an alternative to products like Subversion or Source Safe, the difference being that FileBank is much cheaper and easier to use.What can FileBank do for you? * Collaborate worldwide Some revision control systems do not work effectively over HTTP l FileBank has been developed using state-of-the-art technology to provide robust, reliable communications between computers using HTTP so it works across your company network, extranet or the internet. * Stores reverse deltas for maximum efficiency Storing lots of copies of files that change regularly could occupy far more disk space than itls worth, perhaps dissuading users from storing revisions of their files. However by only storing the differences between revisions of a file, FileBank reduces its footprint to a minimum. * Multiple repositories You can store multiple repositories on each server to manage your files more effectively. Smaller repositories will be more efficient and easier to manage. It also allows you to organise your files by project, functional unit etc. * Easily moveable repositories Repositories in FileBank are self-contained within a single folder, so if you want to move a repository to another computer itls as easy as copying a single folder. The FileBank service on the new computer will automatically detect the new repository and make it available to its clients. * Quickly compare files and folders With FileBank you can quickly compare whole folders or individual files with ease. Whilst comparing folders you can also compare individual files so that you can quickly see changes that have been made. You can also reconcile those changes at the click of a button. * Label your files and folder Apply meaningful labels to your files and folders at any time. If you have reached a milestone in a project or simply want to remember a particular change in a meaningful way you can label your files and/or folders. * File specific algorithms FileBank uses different algorithms for different types of files to be as efficient as possible when storing differences between versions of a file. * Incredibly compact FileBank occupies a mere 500KB of disk space on your computer (with more space needed for your files of course) and is completely self contained. We use the .NET framework because it's robust, tried and tested. This makes our code smaller and easier to maintain which means that you get better software and more responsive development.

Not only that but it also enables you to track ...

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