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Program Directory Size of Moleskinsoft offers the powerful tool of disk usage analysis. In the disk usage analyzer the "window" interface is realized which allows to carry out navigation on various windows depending on the demanded kind of actions. The windows of the disk space manager are interconnected and work by the principle of functional autonomy. In this article we will look at these windows more in detail.

If to move clockwise a base window (rather small) is bottom left one in which data on distribution of a hard disk usage are represented. It is advice information window which helps to receive a common view about the current state of PC structure.

The second window of the disk space manager. The top left one. In it you can choose a folder (or a disk) for scanning and reception of preliminary structure - the tree of folders included in the learned directory.

The third window of the disk space manager. The top right one. In this window of the disk usage analyzer you receive the full information on the status of the directory and its structure for disk space management. It is one of the main windows of the disk usage analyzer in which the majority of functions of the disk space manager is realized.

The fourth window of the disk space analyzer. The bottom right one. In this window you can construct the visual picture of disk space distribution with the usage of pies and bars. The program allows to change the color palette of these diagrammes, as well as to save them in a special file.

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  • 163 Disk space manager
  • 163 Disk usage analyzer
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