XPCSpy Pro v.3.24


This easy-to-use spy software allows you to monitor and record all activities (include keystrokes, websites, system activities, applications, clipboard information, web-mails, chat conversations, capture screen etc.) on your computer in absolutely stealthy mode. And you can read the activities log report at anytime even if you are not around your computer, because XPCSpy Pro can create reports and send them to the email address you predefined or upload them to other computer via ftp. Key Features:# Records all keystrokes typed.# Records all websites visited.# Records all programs executed, folders explored, files opened or edited, documents printed etc.# Records all windows opened. *# Records all clipboard text content.*# Records all system activities.*# Records all actions on self.# Records web-mails sent (database update online, more and more web-mail servers are supported). *# Records all ICQ Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).# Records all MSN Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).# Records all AOL/AIM Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).# Records all Yahoo! Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).# Runs invisible in the background, and protected by password.# Built-in screenshot pictures viewer.# Schedule monitor process, set time to start or stop monitoring.# Creates text or html logs report, good format for reading.# Sends logs report via e-mail.# Sends logs report via ftp. *# Hides absolutely under Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP, can't be found in task manager. *# Extremely easy to use.# ...Notice: * means the feature is only available on pro version.Why do you need a keylogger spy software:Have you ever wondered what your children are doing on computer? Who they talk to and what pictures they see? Do you want do know what your employees are doing during work hours? Are they working or download MP3 from internet?XPCSpy is the ultra keylogger spy software, this keylogger spy software is designed to monitor and record all activities (include keylogger, screen capture, websites/programs/directories recorder etc) on your computer. With this keylogger spy software, you can easily find who have used your computer and what they have done.High security on computer can save the computer user thousands of dollars each year. This keylogger spy software provides the PCs a more effective function than security camera, increases production dramatically, does not disturb your work, does not consume network resource.This keylogger spy software works like a surveillance camera pointing directly at your computer monitor, monitoring and recording any operation doing on your computer, then saving records at a secure area for your later review, or send report to you via email. Moreover XPCSpy is an intelligent keylogger spy software. It will sleep when the computer is not used, so this keylogger spy software can save resource, energy and disk space for you.

This easy-to-use spy software allows you to ...

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  • XPCSpy Pro
  • 3.24
  • X Software
  • Win XP, ME, 2000, 98
  • Shareware
  • 2 Mb
  • 138
  • $59.95

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