Forefront Code Name 'Stirling' v.Beta 2


Forefront codename oStirlingo is an integrated security suite that delivers comprehensive protection across endpoint, application servers, and the edge that is easier to manage and control.Built on the same Microsoft Forefront protection technologies used by millions worldwide, Forefront codename oStirlingo helps guard against new and emerging threats.By delivering simplified management and critical visibility into threats, vulnerabilities, and configuration risks, Forefront codename oStirlingo helps you protect your business with greater confidence and efficiency.Forefront codename oStirlingo integrates with your existing infrastructure software, such as Active Directory, System Center, and Network Access Protection, for better protection and reduced complexity.Microsoft Forefront Codename "Stirling" DemoComprehensive Protection Multiple industry-leading detection technologies for advanced protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and Web-based threats * End-to-end coordinated protection across multiple products with correlated analytics and health assessment * Support from industry-leading malware research and response Simplified Management Single console for managing endpoint, collaboration, on-premise, and cloud messaging server security for policy configuration for faster responses * Enterprise-wide visibility and reporting into threats and vulnerabilities to enable compliance * Automated risk assessment with prioritized view of threats for easy investigation and auditing Integrated Security Integrated multi-layered protection that optimizes performance and resource efficiency * Integrates with existing Microsoft infrastructure for integrated security and operational efficiency * Enables third-party technology partners to interoperate for improved real-time visibility of enterprise security risk assessmentFeaturesForefront codename oStirlingo is an integrated security suite that delivers comprehensive protection across endpoints, application servers, and the network edge that is easier to manage and control. Technology Highlight: Easy InvestigationSecurity Assessment SharingInvestigation is a key feature in the oStirlingo integrated security suite. It enables IT personnel to quickly determine the root cause of a security breach in order to speed remediation.Many security solutions today use fragmented, siloed technologies. When a security event occurs using these systems, administrators must search among various security products for data about the IT assets potentially involved S a time-consuming process when time is of the essence.In contrast, oStirlingo optimizes the investigation process by automatically gathering relevant data from protection technologies contained in the oStirlingo suite and from third parties. It then provides a correlated and consolidated view of pertinent threat information in a single console view.Comprehensive ProtectionForefront codename oStirlingo delivers comprehensive protection threats with integrated protection across endpoints, messaging and collaboration applications, and the network.Multiple industry-leading detection technologiesoStirlingo integrates industry-leading detection technologies for advanced protection against viruses, spyware, spam, vulnerability assessment, and Web-based threats across multiple layers in the organizationSendpoints, messaging and collaboration servers, and the network edge.Integrated protection across client, server, and networkForefront codename oStirlingo integrates multiple security technologies with correlated analytics and health assessment across endpoints, on-premise and online messaging, and collaboration security servers and the network edge for comprehensive protection.Simplified ManagementSingle dashboardA single management console for configuring security policies and providing visibility across endpoints, on-premise and online messaging, and collaboration security servers and the network edge.Enterprise-wide visibility and reportingA single dashboard enables enterprise-wide visibility into threats, vulnerabilities, and configuration risks to help administrators more easily investigate and respond faster to threats. Investigation and auditMicrosoft Forefront codename oStirlingo allows administrators to manage investigation cases. An investigation case is a collection of historical security event information relevant to the scope of the case, which includes the IT asset under investigation and the time period of the investigation.Faster responsesoStirlingo introduces Security Assessment Sharing (SAS), an innovative technology that correlates security events from different Forefront products and third-party solutions, enabling administrators to quickly investigate and configure policies to remediate security events from the management console provided with oStirling.oIntegrated SecurityForefront codename oStirlingo increases operational and resource efficiency by integrating with customersl existing infrastructure.Integration with existing infrastructureThe central management console in "Stirling" is the common infrastructure for management of Forefront products across endpoint, collaboration, on-premise and "in the cloud" messaging, and network security. oStirlingo integrates with Microsoft infrastructure, enabling customers to get more value out of their existing investments and increasing operational efficiency.Integration with third-party technology partners

Forefront codename oStirlingo is an integrated ...

  • Forefront Code Name 'Stirling'
  • Beta 2
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
  • Freeware
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