DAFFTIN Password Keeper v.


This database consists of one file and it can easily be transferred from one computer to another. The program can store not only passwords but also any kind of other sensitive information that you don't want to be accessed by an unauthorised person, e.g.: email account passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, your cell phone PIN, website login information, any private text notes, etc.List of main features:: * You can use unregistered version of the program absolutely free of charge without any functionality limitations. The only difference between unregistered and registered versions is a window that will pop-up reminding you to register when you enter more than 20 entries. * All data is encrypted with strong AES (Rijndael) algorithm using 256-bit key that is created from userls master password. Rijndael was chosen as new U.S. government encryption standard and is now called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). To strengthen security the BLOWFISH encryption algorithm is also used besides AES algorithm. The master password is used as encryption/decryption key only and is not stored anywhere. * Master password hint. * Built-in password generator and password list generator (built-in password list generator allows you to generate a list of unique passwords with just one click). Password generators randomly choose a combination of case-sensitive letters, numbers, and characters. * Backup and Restore. Along with the ability to backup and restore your data manually at any convenient time, the program can also automatically backup your data on exit. * System tray mode. * Unlimited number of groups/subgroups for easier access to your entries. Groups/subgroups can easily be duplicated, copied and moved to any other group/subgroup. * Each entry has a Note field. This field can keep any long text information you like. * Ability to print entries of any group/subgroup and/or export them to HTML or Microsoft Excel format. * You can install the program to your removable device (floppy, USB flash disk etc) that you usually carry with you. Thus, you can run the program off the removable drive - you donlt have to install it on target computer. * The program absolutely does not use windows registry. * Built-in Check for Updates feature. * Global hotkey allows you to specify hot key combination that should activate DAFFTIN Password Keeper from anywhere in Windows.

This database consists of one file and it can ...

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  • DAFFTIN Password Keeper
  • Evgeny Fedorischenko
  • Win 98, 2000, 2003, ME, XP
  • Shareware
  • 1.4 Mb
  • 177
  • $15.00

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